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Exciting Times Ahead in the Live Streaming World

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Exciting Times Ahead in the Live Streaming World

2016 – A successful year for the live video streaming world – is now behind us. 2017 looks even more promising and exciting and a live video streaming platform provider ourselves, we look forward to the year with a lot of optimism and hope.

Given that our platform Phando was launched in the last couple of years, it has already been implemented with the latest and greatest in the industry today but obviously we are fully aware that the live streaming space is one of the most dynamic in the technology industry today. Looking at what is in store for us to grow into and what is it that users can look forward to, here are some cool things in the pipeline to align with industry trends.

The viewership is certainly on the rise and what is exciting is that this rise is not just in sheer user numbers but also the same users viewing videos multiple times on the same and different devices. Video variety has improved. For example, Virtual and Augmented Reality related video streaming is on the rise and with the strong prediction for these technologies along with Internet of Things, the footing for live video streaming is also certainly stronger.

As with last year, HTML5 as a supported format for video content publishing is certainly going strong. But what is exciting is that newer video compression formats like HEVC are becoming more prevalent and what this means is videos of better performance and longer duration can be streamed more easily than ever before. Better display resolutions are also making video streaming experiences more popular and rich. With the growth in all of these spaces either already happening or in the pipeline for this year, several content providers are augmenting their content for delivery on internet mediums as well as opposed to just the traditional cable subscription routes.

These together make it a WIN:WIN for everyone whether it is a content provider, live streaming platform provider or an end user, by offering more content at better performance and richer delivery medium, pushing video streaming to one of the top trends to look forward to in 2017 in the technology world.