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Player & CMS

White Labelled CMS

Effortlessly manage your content across all devices with our advanced web portal. Brand it your way with full control over the look and feel

Custom Video Player

Give your viewers a seamless experience across all platforms, browsers, and devices. Our world-class player ensures high quality streaming and best user experience anywhere.

iOS And Android Apps

Get a native Android and iOS app with your own branding for screens of all sizes with features like offline streaming.

TV Apps and Set top Box

Complement your app suite with a dedicated Android, iOS TV app and support for other streaming devices including set-top box.

Chromecast from Web and Mobile apps

Let users put their favorite movies and TV shows on the big screen. Enjoy built-in Chromecast support on your website and mobile apps.

Parental Control

Simple yet powerful parental control option is built into Phando to restrict child accounts based on content genre and maturity ratings.

Content Analytics

Track and analyse the performance of your content. Find out what’s keeping your users engaged for the longest and what content is driving the greatest revenues

Advance Reporting

Generate detailed revenue, usage, and content engagement reports through Phando. Use this data to fuel your content acquisition decisions


VIdeo Encryption

Ensure your content is protected at all times with our powerful server-side encryption offered implemented by Phando.

Device Management

Take control over how users access your service by imposing device limits and account restrictions.

Metadata Management

Add detailed metadata to your content. Help users discover what they want to watch across any platform

Sign Up & registration

Make sign-up convenient for your users with a range of options, including email and social media registration

Geo Zoning

Effortlessly restrict the audience for your content to certain countries and regions.

Deployemnt on cloud and CDN Integrations

Phando offers deployment and integration for industry-leading hosting and cloud services including Amazon/Azure.

Live TV Streaming

Phando offers you to add a live channels section to add live TV channels news, sports, and other TV stations instantly.

Video Moneization

Monetisation Control

Phando supports several monetization models including (AVOD), (SVOD), and (TVOD) pay-per-view (PPV).

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate your preferred gateways and easily collect payments in any currency

Multiple Packages

Create multiple subscription or transactional-based packages for users to choose from.

Premium VIdeo Packages

Create premium video packages, or menotize on pay per video basis depending on your business model.

Promotions & Coupons

Generate promotional codes and coupons to offer discounts


Generate special vouchers to reward your most loyal users and provide content offers


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