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Resolving Your Quest To Understand Why Phando For Video Streaming? 

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Resolving Your Quest To Understand Why Phando For Video Streaming? 

Resolving Your Quest To Understand Why Phando For Video Streaming

Videos are much more memorable than any other medium for entertainment, information, or spreading awareness. Online video streaming services are making a gigantic change in the world of entertainment. This has been made possible due to the inclination of the people towards modernized content and accessibility of the platform anywhere and every time. To make streaming possible for OTT, Media, EdTech, and Corporates, Phando can provide the solutions that will fulfill the needs of your business. Our tech team works to make the streaming of your content flawless. We provide the platform that fulfills the needs of a creator and the viewer in one go.

Why us?

With the enormous recognition at both Pan India and international levels in the video streaming space, Phando has been able to make its mark and establish trust with a number of clients from different sectors of the business. 

With the extensive know-how about the needs and the requirements of the streaming platforms, we can bring the best platform to your content. Have a look at some of the reasons to choose us over any other video streaming service provider in India:

A One-Stop Solution For All Platforms

It will be a win-win situation for those who are searching for a platform that can solve the wider sphere of the video streaming business. Be it the need for cloud TV, Media, EdTech, or even Corporates, we make it all under one roof. You just need to put your needs forward and Phando can make it the way it has to be. 

End-To-End Solution

We consider ourselves as a platform that provides a one-stop solution for your video content. Our turnkey solution will let you use your platform as quickly as it can. Our fastest deployment services can make your streaming platform accessible in the least time possible. This will reduce your burden and speed up the reach of the platform just by adding content, publishing, and reaching the targeted audience. Our end-to-end video streaming solution can make your dream a reality.

Zero-Coding Needed

We can bring you a video streaming platform that will not put you in the entangled world of coding and programming. We will take care of it. We are aiming to deliver the quality that you want. With our understanding of the business and the focus that you need to provide to your customers, we will surely make it all accessible. You just take care of the content and creation and worry nothing about the PHP, codes, program, HTML, Java, etc. We can solve every need that will suffice the need of your platform and can be managed by anyone. 

Fully Managed Cloud-Based Service

Phando provides every cloud-based need of your video streaming platform. It lets you go the way you always wanted to without any pressure of having any on-premises storage. In all, it reduces the burden of getting pressurized with the storage of the content.

Easy-To-Navigate Platform

We are not only there to make things as quick as possible but to make them the way you wanted. Our easy-to-navigate video streaming platform can match your requirement and bring all the viewers to your platform flawlessly. The user-friendly platform will make things easy to use and provide an experience memorable for every user. 

Dedicated Client Manager

We believe in providing services 24/7 since we never know when you are in need. For us, services come before products. We are always there to resolve any query, solve your concern and bring the solution as soon as possible. So if you are a creator, we are always there to resolve the struggle and bring out the best of your platform. Our managers are available all the time to solve the issue of your particular platform.

We are there to create a platform that will bring a flawless experience to the viewer and the creator. We accept all types of video formats and can work with them to bring out the best experience to viewers. To know more about us visit our website, corp.phando.com. For any queries, contact us now! 


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