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Video-on-Demand And Its Evolution Over The Years

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Video-on-Demand And Its Evolution Over The Years

Video-on-Demand And How It Has Changed Over the Years

It was only some years ago when we saw video-on-demand in the market of entertainment. It sooner gets widespread recognition and has turned into a powerhouse in the present video content world. If we compare the past number of users of the VOD platforms and the present ones, it will be quite easy to understand the growth of the platform. The growth is indeed at a higher pace in India also.

Talking statistically, the average revenue per user in the video-on-demand segment is predicted to reach around US$50.79 by this year. This positive development got its pace with the arrival of the pandemic. All of the difference happened due to the restlessness that the pandemic created during that time and now it has become an essential part of our regular entertainment dose. There is a lot that contributed to the growth of the video-on-demand platform. Read the full blog to know the details of the same. 


Video-on-Demand And Its Growth In The Past Few Years

The development happened in and around 2020 when the VOD become the choice of all. It has turned into a platform without which one has no other entertaining resort to go for. Widespread lockdown drove viewers’ attention to the online platform since people were looking for ways to get some entertainment and video-on-demand become the answer for all. VOD was a great source of entertainment before the pandemic as well. Covid just gave it a push and created an awareness about this source of entertainment.

In short, it was not Covid that brought new trends but rather it accelerated the growth of the platform. This helped the platform to reach out to audiences and increase the business in the long run.

The audiences soon realized the utility of online video streaming platforms. It has made people more used to and inclined to the online streaming platform. They become more comfortable with the video-on-demand platform due to its accessibility at any time. It has brought them the flexibility that people require. One can now access fitness programs whenever they want, they can attend lectures of their choice, or can watch their favorite show whenever they want. Everything from the different niches is available on the online platforms. VOD continues to grow with the increase in the demand of the viewers.

Businesses started moving towards a trending way to create benefits. Creators found it an opportunity to monetize their content online and the viewers got the comfort of using the platform whenever they want. In the process of getting on the online platform, businesses found it a more scalable and flexible platform to grow business. With this, the restricted businesses have got a worldwide platform to increase their reach and make benefits.


Video-on-Demand And Live Streaming: How They Are Different?

Before considering every video as one or similar, one should first understand how minor differences make considerable changes in the use and utility of the video. Live streaming and Video-on-Demand are videos in different forms. Going live gives real-time connectivity. It is true-to-life video content and is truly a great way to connect with the audience. 

Businesses must be aware of how these two platforms are different and when to choose any particular one. Although these two are only video content, but there are some differences in these video content. 

The main difference between these two video contents is their way of interacting with the audience.

  • VOD contents are pre-recorded and uploaded contents that users can watch whenever they want to, can stop or pause, or rewind whatever they are watching. It gives the viewers control over the content they are watching. 
  • Live streaming videos are available in real-time. It demands the viewers to be there at the time of the streaming.

Both VOD and live streaming brings crucial help to the organization for the development of the:

  • VOD provides viewers a platform to watch the content of their choice whenever they want.
  • Live streaming is more towards engagement in real-time.

Both the streaming ways are different from each other and each of them has its own importance. But together they are the platform for business to develop exponentially. It is more beneficial for the organization to work according to the time and need of their services.


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