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Launch OTT platform instantly.
End-to-end Solution. Zero Coding.

Reach Millions of Users with extraordinary video quality through Phando’s Video on Demand (VOD) and Live Streaming services. Monetize your videos within minutes through our secure and reliable OTT platform.



Deliver high quality live and VOD content to any device including smartphone, tablet, smart TV or laptop.

Cost Efficient

Leverage our simple and efficient pricing plans for greater ROI and low-risk delivery.

Quick Launch

Launch new OTT video streaming services and channels quickly for faster expansion.


Video Hosting

Get all your media management tools at one platform on Phando. Upload, edit, schedule or analyse your data according to your needs.

Video Transcoding

Become user friendly by using our transcoder which has the ability to deliver adaptive bitrate quality videos.

Html5 Player

Switch to Phando player to make videos accessible over all platforms. Enjoy advertisement supportability to enhance your revenue.

Video Analytics

Your path to revenue maximization is through the video analytics. Understand content relevance from viewer analysis to implement mid – stream advertisement.

Phando Live

Get over pre-loaded videography, live feed your video content from any of your device, for the latest has the highest value.

Video Conferencing

Experience the best connectivity over personal or group chat without call- drops and minimal data consumption.

Includes Website and Native Apps for Mobile & TV!

Widen your Audience base with Cross-Platform reach

Start afresh with your own-branded Website & Apps. Educate, Entertain, and Inspire your audience with seamless Video and Audio Delivery!

Start afresh with your own-branded Website & Apps. Educate, Entertain, and Inspire your audience with seamless Video and Audio Delivery!

Engage and Grow Your Audience

Phando’s AI-enabled features help in boosting user engagement and views. Make relevant video recommendations and next video previews in the player. Leverage video analytics to monitor user response and create videos based on actionable insights.

End-to-End Solution For Your OTT Service

We offer end-to-end OTT platform solutions that start from deploying, hosting and managing your IT Infrastructure to complete VOD software solutions. Our solutions include Video CMS, and HTML5 based Online Video Player. Leverage video analytics and reports to calculate ROI along with subscriber base and billing.

Create Your Own Branded Video Platform

Phando enables enterprises to showcase video content on their own website with the required branding. Have absolute creative control and retain complete ownership of your creativity. Monitor and manage the library of videos efficiently from the background through intuitive dashboard.

Monetize Videos Instantly

Leverage Phando to monetize your videos through live streaming or video on demand (VOD) service. Deliver video content to any device or platform including smartphones, tablets and smart televisions. Quickly launch new video channels to capture emerging markets and new territories.

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24/7 Support!

We know that streaming live events and hosting video can be challenging sometimes. That’s why we’ve brought you a dedicated team for 24/7 support, along with a strong knowledge base and an active online community.