Play Videos Anywhere and On Any Device

True Mobile Experience

A player can make all the difference in video publishing and management, whether it be the overall functionality or the performance, of an end to end video service for the user. We fully understand this and have accounted for it in the ideation and engineering of the Phando player. Phando player is now available not just as part of the overall Phando publishing solution, but also as a stand-alone service for users to leverage. Read on to understand its distinguishing features and to see it as a critical component of the complete Phando feature set, please visit features.


Mobile Ready

DVR Streaming

Custom Analytics


Auto Play

Auto play your video on page load


Full Screen & Volume Control

Allow full screen and volume control


Transcripts / Annotations

Add your transcripts and annotations


Play Ads

Play ads to promote your brand

Html5 & Flash Video Advertising

A Complete Set Of Features

A globally available player, needs to be inclusive too. Phando player is an accessible solution whether it be closed captions availability or screen reader access to building a Phando powered solution. This will hopefully become a mandatory feature in the future for players and video management solutions to incorporate. but for now, we are very excited to offer this as a distinguishing feature of the Phando player.

In today’s competitive and dynamic world, a one stop solution for complete functionality alone will not suffice. The non-functional element of player performance is equally, if not more important. Phando player has been engineered with optimized technology and design to deliver top-notch performance. In our player QA efforts, performance is a fully thought through and tested area. 

In today’s digital world of anywhere, anytime services, we understand our user’s need to access video payers on an on-demand notice. Our hosted service as cloud instances, enable global instant access with full functionality, allowing them to purely look at using the player for their functional needs instead of handling any deployment logistics

Whether you are considering a video management solution as a whole or the standalone player, we understand it is a big and time-consuming decision at your end. This is an invested and educated decision that is going to help you reach your business goals faster and more effectively.