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Built to give you the fastest video playback in Full HD on any device. Smooth, crisp and secure every time.

Deliver Stunning Videos Effortlessly

Reach viewers globally with the fastest and highest quality playback. Deliver stunning video on demand (VOD) or live videos, on every browser and device without buffering and compromise on quality of content.

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    We Make Videos Reach Places Within Minutes

    Through Phando you can easily present your content as branded video or live stream to users all over the world. Our user friendly OTT platform makes sure that all the set up is done within minutes without any hassles or complexities.

    Over The Top TV

    Deliver high quality live and VOD content to any device including smartphone, tablet, smart TV or laptop.


    Leverage our simple and efficient pricing plans for greater ROI and low-risk delivery.

    Quicker Launch

    Launch new OTT video streaming services and channels quickly for faster expansion.

    End-to-End Solution For Your OTT Service

    We offer end-to-end OTT platform solutions that start from deploying, hosting and managing your IT Infrastructure to complete VOD software solutions. Our solutions include Video CMS, and HTML5 based Online Video Player. Leverage video analytics and reports to calculate ROI along with subscriber base and billing.

    Create Your Own Branded Video Platform

    Phando enables enterprises to showcase video content on their own website with the required branding. Have absolute creative control and retain complete ownership of your creativity. Monitor and manage the library of videos efficiently from the background through intuitive dashboard.

    Monetize Videos Instantly

    Leverage Phando to monetize your videos through live streaming or video on demand (VOD) service. Deliver video content to any device or platform including smartphones, tablets and smart televisions. Quickly launch new video channels to capture emerging markets and new territories.

    Phando OTT

    Engage and Grow Your Audience

    Phando’s AI-enabled features help in boosting user engagement and views. Make relevant video recommendations and next video previews in the player. Leverage video analytics to monitor user response and create videos based on actionable insights.

    Input and Output

    Phando accepts almost all types of video formats and processes them using our own set of intelligent transcoders so that the end users get the best user experience out of their videos. Our transcoding outputs the files that can be played in flash and HTML5 players seamlessly.


    Our transcoders are very powerful and can expand elastically to accommodate a very large number of files at the same time. At the time of transcoding, we transcode each video in a number of bitrates, so that the end user with low bandwidths are also able to get the best streaming experience.


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