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Corporate Tutoring

An Exclusive Video Centric Platform For Empowering Corporate Trainings

Train abundant partners and employees in an effective manner with Text Transform, Video Management, Video Analytics and features offered by Phando.

Live Streaming Of Videos

Just one click and stream the live presentation to n number of viewers easily on any device. The live training webcast can be comfortably recorded and published

Live Training Access On Any Device

With the availability of cross device support and the mobile applications that support the view of videos 24/7, the employees can easily access the training videos at any point of time

Security Of Videos

Proper provision of repositories where the instructors and employees can manage and distribute their content and the employees can further securely share their training content

Video Transcoding And Processing

Inputs And Outputs

Phando accepts almost all types of video formats and processes them using our own set of intelligent transcoders so that the end users get the best user experience out of their videos. Our transcoding outputs the files that can be played in flash and HTML5 players seamlessly.


Our transcoders are very powerful and can expand elastically to accommodate a very large number of files at the same time. At the time of transcodinsg, we transcode each video in a number of bitrates, so that the end user with low bandwidths are also able to get the best streaming experience.

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Premium and Enterprise Plans enjoy access to Live-streaming feature

Teaching And Learning

Multipurpose Videos

With the enhancement in technology, teaching and learning has reached a new level. Sole purpose of this video tool is to incorporate learning via uploading the videos

Create Your Own Video Tube

Educators and students can easily create the video portal using various channels, student content and library resources

Absolutely Secured Portal

Security control such as geo location, domain and range of IP address can be observed


A centralized video platform that helps the Phando customers build a healthy relationship with their viewers and also in growing their business significantly.

Now Stream Your Videos At Any Point Of Time

Phando helps you in delivering high quality videos to devices such as laptops, smart TV and mobile devices

No More Requirement Of Flash Player

A player that doesn’t require flash to play the videos. The amazingly HTML 5 player helps in uploading the videos in seconds

Conserve Time

Phando helps in uploading the videos effortlessly which not only saves time but also cuts cost with the help of a classy interface and transcoding feature

Youtube Video With One Liner Js Code

Get Youtube Videos With One Line Of Js

With one line of js code you can integrate our solution which will download your video from youtube, transcode it and start playing your videos in your website.


Smart And Flexible Upload

Phando is a smart way to upload single, or multiple videos. The media tab is a flexible, fast tool for managing your media. This website is developed to simplify the process of publishing your videos so that your media plays seamlessly across all platforms and devices, whether it’s a desktop, mobile or connected TV irrespective of video type, resolution, or connection speed. You can also categorize videos under various categories like Sports, News, Education, etc.

Increase Your ROI

Expand the interval and rate with which conveniently the viewers can view the videos. Reduction in operation costs even if there is a large audience. Serve your customers in seconds


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