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This is a very critical task in video content management. The upload process has to be simple yet powerful enough to take files of varied formats and sizes. Upload mediums are also growing by the day, be it desktops or mobile apps, browsers, email clients etc. In all of this, the ingestion is a very important phase. A lot of issues related to the upload can be caught right at the ingestion stage to save time and effort and complete the overall process seamlessly. The ability to take on quality checks at the ingestion stage is also very handy. Given our experience in providing services for the publishing domain for over a decade, we have leveraged all that knowhow in making Phando a very intuitive yet rich platform with a robust upload and ingestion workflow.

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Phando gives you a diverse set of options to upload your content from, mobile devices, Amazon S3, Drop Box etc. Auto synchronization from varied sources is made possible effortlessly. Also, Phando is an HTML5 based platform unlike most other popular ones in the market today that are Flash based. This further expands Phando’s reach to cover iOS devices too. You can record and upload content simultaneously, with the same ease as that of uploading a pre-recorded piece of content. Transcoding is supported in multiple formats including MP4, OGG, WMV, SLV allowing you to embed content from Phando into other external sources. The content support also covers varied bitrates such as 120, 160, 320, 760, 1080 kbps empowering you to play files across a wide range depending on your bandwidth availability. All of these together cover a broad and deep set of scenarios in the video upload and ingestion phase, making Phando a very competitive solution in the market today.