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However comprehensive a video platform may be, at the end it all boils down to quality publishing. That continues to and will continue to remain the core requirement for end users. We at Phando, have engineered and extensively tested to ensure we provide the best in class results to deliver video across a range of devices including, mobiles, personal computers, set-top-boxes etc. This includes uploaded videos as well are broadcasting live videos. The quality of these published videos will speak for the richness of our platform.

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Streaming is one of the core features users are looking for in the platform. It enhances the flexibility and ease of platform use making it easier for individuals and organizations alike to leverage for their varied uses at any given point in time. We understand this and have hence focused on rendering a best quality video stream along with full security and control in the hands of the end user. We deliver content in varied modes including.

Enables local downloads of video content. Let’s say you have a video hosted on the Amazon server – Phando will let you progressively download the content and play it on your device. Obviously this is a faster solution but not very secure given the local download and playback.

Enables downloads in alignment with the bandwidth you operate in, also allowing switch to another bandwidth while download is in progress. Phando herein automatically dials the download speed up or down in sync with the bandwidth you have and understands varied bandwidth speeds available in the market.

Enables selective play of video with a flash media server in between. For example, like in case of YouTube, the user can choose to play a video from the 4th minute and the player will recognize and execute accordingly.

In addition to all the above non live modes of video download, the player also supports live streaming of superior quality to be completely in sync with the streamed content. However well engineered a video platform is, live streaming is always a challenge to perfect.

Whether it be the audio, video synchronization on a live stream, the response times given the load on the server, security aspects to be accounted for etc.

Given that we have ourselves used live streaming on several occasions we understand the pain points involved herein. We have thus adopted a bottom up approach here to ensure those pain points are first addressed following which the strength areas automatically build up.