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Video hosting full of options, today. Gone are the days when one would host content behind one’s own firewall. Whether it be a public cloud, a secure private cloud, a SaaS offering, the scalability and elasticity of options are tremendous. Phando integrates well with varied hosting options to extend the flexibility to the end users and lets them make the choice that aligns with their needs.Phando offers a secure instance of cloud for each publisher to ensure utmost data security. We have server instances in different geographies giving us global coverage including presence in India, US, Europe, Australia, Singapore amongst others. Such diverse presence ensures both performance of the platform and smooth delivery. The hosted video is customizable to be viewed public or private depending on the needs of the publisher. The rich set of APIs that Phando is built on empowers publishers and end users alike to easily upload, download and analyse content.

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Regardless of such secure cloud implementations, with the access, availability and reach we have to anytime, anywhere content today, security is a growing concern. A concern that is amplified both by the range of vulnerabilities that the content is exposed to as well as the volume of users that have access to. This calls for additional thought to ensure the platform is completely secure not just to address known set of vulnerabilities but also to continuously track latest market trends, user feedback, and build them into the solution. Phando’s engineering team is very cognizant of this and is chartered with monitoring the solution both intrinsic and extrinsic on an ongoing basis which helps us hold platform security very high in our list of implementation parameters to track.


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