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Video Player And Delivery

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Easily Accessible Video Player

Engage Viewers Instantly

Regardless of how elaborate the video platform is, the player needs to be simple and usable. End users of varying levels of proficiency will use the player. This was our mantra when we envisioned the player design. In line with that we offer both a customized player design and a built in template to allow the client choose a design that best meets their needs.

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Video player is an essential part of the publisher. Phando is an HTML5 first player having Flash as a fall-back, making it a very future ready publishing platform. Delivery of content across devices is inevitable today. To build in the best possible experience across devices, Phando incorporates mobile ready encoders, device detection and customizable HTML5 players in its array of features. Such players’ not just address today’s needs but are also scalable to handle newer devices that will enter the market. We believe such forethought provides an important differentiation to Phando amongst other players.


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