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Video platforms are abound in the market today. While the core features are undoubtedly available across all platforms, what sets one apart from the rest, is the overall intuitive workflow and the simplicity of the offerings be it in organizing your content, searching media, editing and moderating content, creating playlists, ease of use by varied categories of users including the ones with special needs etc. All of these and much more, have been deeply thought through and engineered in Phando, right from the early stages of platform design.

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Phando supports HTML5 which makes it accessible across varied platforms. Once the videos are uploaded they are available in grids through which users can make desired edits such as adding tags, meta data, titles etc. You can also access all these details to edit them anytime. Additionally, you as the publisher can also manage ads besides your content. Phando offers vast compatibility with varied ad publishers, empowering you to manage both your content and ads. If you however, choose to leverage ads through Phando, we are well connected across a range of leading ad publishers. Player properties can be customized to change logos, choose between HTML5 and Flash and so on….we’ll stop speaking about Phando’s video management versatility here and let you try it hands on to experience it for yourself.


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