Are you struggling with the delivery time of your content? This may bring a bad impression of your platform and the content. Content delivery networks can help to decrease the time of the delivery of the content on the platform. It will help in transferring the assets swiftly. This will help in loading the Internet content including images, videos, HTML pages, javascript files, so on and so forth. The popularity of the services is growing immensely. Presently the majority of traffic runs through CDNs including the major players such as Netflix, Amazon, or even Facebook. An efficiently configured CDN also protects your platform from various malicious attacks like DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

Using CDN varies due to the sizes and needs of the internet property. This is all due to the benefits that the platform provides. Some of the reasons that you should switch to CDN are

By geographically distributed servers, CDN helps in increasing the load time of the website. Visitors have the tendency to click away from the websites if they take more time. This brings a wrong impression of the platform in the perception of the visitors. CDN provides fast delivery of internet content to reduce the bounce rate and increase the visiting time. In short, the faster you are, the more visitors you will get! 

Bandwidth cost is the primary expense for any website. With proper optimization and caching, CDN reduces the data that the origin server provides. This all helps in reducing the cost of website hosting.

Hardware failure or huge traffic can create hassle in the functioning of the website. The distributed nature of CDN can handle hardware failure and traffic efficiently. This can help in the increased availability of the content on the platform. 

Security is amongst the reasons that led to the shift from any alternatives. It improves the security proper optimization of the platform and provides Distributed Denial of Service mitigation.

This will increase the accessibility of the platform and make the first impression to the viewers worthwhile. To improve the reputation of your platform, you can always choose the option and make the platform user-friendly.