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Video Syndication, Search-ability And Distribution

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Often times even the best envisioned, created and delivered video content may lack mass appeal. The reason being, the lack of an effective video syndication and distribution strategy. It is all about the digital connect today – a connect that crosses global bounds and reaches to the masses across countries. Herein, several parameters including locale nuances, legal and user requirements will have to be taken in to determine the distribution strategy. This clearly stretches out of the core bounds of the video platform to render not just a technically excelling solution but also one that has the right business model. Phando is built to take in such parameters to enable and maximize audience reach.

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In continuation with video syndication and distribution which is more from a solution provider stand point, the platform should also be discoverable, searchable and accessible from the solution consumer standpoint. Our SEO compliant player with social sharing features, enhance the chances of success in video discovery and access. Both these feature sets work towards the same goal of establishing the connect between the two sets of entities involved – just that they are approached and used by separate groups of people. Phando, has accommodated both sides of the story in its fold, to ensure no stone is left unturned in comprehensive video delivery.


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