A Partnership to Enable Learning Continuity

Who would have imagined a virus would bring the entire world to its knees and almost a standstill? COVID-19 needs no introduction – its notorious outcomes have pushed nations to the edge, to keep global communities safe. The scene today is one that none of us would have envisioned. The roads are empty, tech parks having slim attendance, schools and colleges shut, most working from home – and globally, we don’t see a respite and turnaround anytime soon. While nations are grappling in coming up with a strategy that best aligns with their requirements, *life must go on*. Organizations are busy tightening up their business continuity plans (BCP) and rolling them out. What about the thousands of kids who are away from school – how does one productively engage these active minds, and keep the learning continuity plan (let’s call it LCP) going on?

Technology is coming in as a huge saviour in this tough and challenging hour. Most educational institutions have activated their online learning programs – while colleges and high schools are leveraging their existing online learning platforms, now would be the time to see if they are able to scale to handle the overwhelming need. Schools, especially primary and middle year programs are exploring the path too, understandably in a reactive manner – emails, whatsapp messages, portals are all helping to start with, but now is the time to look for a sustainable and scalable solution.

In NCR, which is also one of the impacted areas in India, Prometheus, a school that focuses on holistic education, has announced its partnership with Phando, an online publishing platform, from the Perseverance IT Solutions group. This platform allows seamless connectivity for teachers, parents and students in ensuring learning continuity with minimal impact in the absence of in person sessions. Video classrooms and 1:1 sessions, individualized learning modules, class level activities, polls and surveys, leverage the school’s learning application to be hosted and available reliably, promoting productive learning. Phando also offers a robust and customizable virtual classroom application for institutions that do not have an online presence as yet.

Mukesh Sharma, the founding chairperson of Prometheus states “We dearly miss our children in the school campus but as we all understand this is the need of the hour. We are very thankful to Phando for having offered us a customized solution that helps our teachers and students connect, in the most efficient way, almost like in an “on premises” setup. The features of the solution focus on learning effectiveness and is enabling us make the most of the challenging situation at hand. I am also equally thankful to the technology savvy instructors, students and parents who are flexible, supportive and adaptive to the changing learning needs of the day”

Minesh Upadhyaya, one of the founding members of Phando, as part of the Perseverance Solutions Pvt. Ltd., umbrella quotes “I am very excited at this partnership between Prometheus School and Perseverance IT solutions that showcases, that technology can and will transform not just everyday run of the mill solutions, but even indispensable ones, such as this virtual classroom app that brings learning continuity. Please reach out to us to create a custom solution for your institution and keep your little ones productive and engaged during this unforeseen break”
While we all hope and pray, we fight this global pandemic together, now is the time where we learn to live with and focus on the core essentials. Learning being one such essential, solutions from organizations such as Perseverance IT are gaining public attention and interest – this partnership will be a good case study of a WIN:WIN enabling business as usual in whatever ways possible.

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