All About The Cost Of Live Streaming Platforms

Live streaming platforms are hosting solutions that allow users to broadcast and upload content to their sphere of audience. Businesses use online live streaming platforms to share content for generating leads, building brand awareness, providing paid access to video streaming services, and advertising for their product or services. Whenever you struggle with the choice of the various live streaming service providers, you will find some suitable to your live streaming needs.

There are several live video streaming services providers whose pricing is available online and varies according to the needs and the sets of features. Some of the best available live streaming services are listed below:


Dacast is one of the leading live streaming platform providers. The company has offices in San Francisco and Landon. It is a fully-featured and self-service solution for video-on-demand hosting and live streaming platforms. The platform is fully packed with high-end features with competitive pricing. The platform includes white-label service, ad-free broadcasting, and CDN delivery. 

The streaming pricing of the platform starts at $39 per month and goes up to $188 per month which has been specified. Other than that, the platform also has the availability of customized plans that one can get according to their need and requirements. 

The four-level plan of the platforms provides all the services listed below:

  • Starter Plan: The starter plan of Dacast starts with $39 per month (billed annually). This plan is considered ideal for any newcomer in the streaming world with a bandwidth of 1.2 TB. Other than all this, the plan also gives access to 50 GB of storage for the customer.   
  • Event Plan: The event plan starts with $63 per month/$750 per year. This is a great deal for organizations that want to purchase bandwidth separately to stream an event. The plan includes 50 GB of storage, 6 TB of bandwidth, additional data, and availability of storage if needed. 
  • Scale Plan: The scale plan has an annual charge of $188 per month that is billed yearly. It includes 24 TB of bandwidth with a storage of 1 TB. The plan provides a white-label video player, an M3U8 player for live channels, phone support, ad insertion, and API access. Above all, the customer can get additional bandwidth if required.
  • Custom Plan: The fourth plan is for all those high-volume streaming needs that any enterprise business demands. One can contact the Dacast team to get their plan tailored according to their needs. 

Apart from the pricing scenario, to get a first-hand experience, one can get a risk-free trial for 14 days and get to know the platform, its features, and the functionality of the live streaming platforms. 


This Boston-based company(founded in 2004) is one of the oldest online video platforms. The product offering of the platform includes live streaming, video-on-demand hosting, and cloud encoding.

The platform offers modular products that include video cloud hosting, live streaming, OTT flow, lift video player tools for monetization, and Zencoder.

The platform majorly targets huge clients. It has not disclosed the pricing scheme rather offers levels of pricing plans. The different levels of pricing plans include:

  • Starter Plan: The starter plan includes from 50 to 200 videos and goes up to 100,000 plays. It provides accessibility to the platform for 2-3 users. 
  • Professional Plan: This professional plan includes unlimited videos for up to 100,000+ plays. This plan has more accessibility for +10 users. 
  • Enterprise: This unlimited video includes 100,000+ plays with no overages. It can provide 10+ user access, analytics-only users, and unlimited upload ability.
  • Custom Plan: Brightcove also provides custom-priced plans for Enterprise Video Suite packages. One can contact the concerned department to know more about the plan and get one for themselves.

To know more about the services and get an on-hand experience, one can start with the sign-up with a 14-day trial available for free.

IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video, (formally UStream) was founded in 2007 to connect military members. It was in 2016 when IBM purchased UStream. The company primarily works for live streaming; moreover, it has also provided hosting the video on demand (VOD) recorded from streamed content previously.

Here the basic streaming accounts are free while providing advertising support. The paid account removes advertising and provides access to other features. Enterprise account provides full custom branding and offers multiple live channels, analytics, content syndication including others. 

IBM pricing plans range from $99 to $999 per month and include the following:

  • Silver Plan: The basic silver plan can be accessed at $99/month.
  • Gold Plan: To get one enhanced plan from the very basic, one should choose the gold plan that can be accessed at $499/month.
  • Platinum Plan: The platinum plan can be accessed at $999/month.
  • Custom Plan: To get more information about the custom plans, one should contact IBM Cloud Video and get an insight into whatever they may want to know.

Those who want to know about the available features and qualities in different available plans can contact the company and get the required information. 

Vimeo Livestream

The platform was originally founded as Mogulus Livestream in 2007. The company was later on acquired by 2017. The two platforms merged after the acquisition. The platform offers both live streaming and video hosting solutions. This includes video management platforms, analytics, privacy controls, and so on. To access the basic live streaming functionality, the customers need to take the premium plan. 

Vimeo sets itself apart from the rest of the streaming platforms with its versatile offerings of proprietary hardware and software for streaming the content live. All these offerings make the use of the platform smoother than usual and help in minimizing the issues in implementing the streaming program. 

The platform provides three different pricing plans that include:

  • Vimeo Premium Plan: The premium plan is available at $75 per month. The plan includes both VOD and live streaming support. The plan is the best pick for professional broadcasting.
  • Vimeo Enterprise Plan: The pricing of the plan is not disclosed yet but to know the structure of the plan, one can get in touch with the platform. The plan provides white-label service and video API access, branding control with required security features.
  • Vimeo OTT Plan: Vimeo has a starter plan for OTT that starts at $1 subscriber per month. The growth pricing starts at $500 per month. This package comes with the relationship.


Muvi majorly focuses on OTT media. It is considered one of the best solutions for all streaming needs. It functions as a turnkey appliance for broadcasters over the top. The platform is a one-stop solution to launch video or audio streaming platforms effortlessly. Above all, the platform provides fully-featured websites, television, and mobile applications. 

It is a PaaS-based (platform as a service) online video streaming platform with an OTT solution. Their multi-screen video or live streaming service enables businesses to launch white-label multi-screen live streaming, audio streaming, and video on demand (VOD) hosting solutions. 

Muvi provides a five-level pricing plan that is listed below:

  • Standard Plan: The standard plan starts at $399 per month (+$299 per app/month+ infra fees). The plan allows 2000 concurrent viewers with 1TB bandwidth and storage. All these are available with API access. 
  • Professional Plan: This plan is available at $1,499 per month (+$499 per app/month and infra fee). The plan increases the limit further and includes premium support.
  • Enterprise Plan: The enterprise plan is available at $3,900 per month (+$499 per app/month and infra fees). This plan adds a dedicated server.
  • Ultimate Plan: This plan starts at $8,900 per month (+$499 per app/month and infra fee). It doubles the storage and the bandwidth of the enterprise plan. It adds unlimited calls and your own CDN. 
  • Black Plan: This is a custom solution that includes everything available in the ultimate plan, additionally to that it also provides premium services and project management.  

These are the available information about the prices of the various live streaming service providers. To get more information about the services, contact the concerned company and check out various available third-party reviews.

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