Backbone Behind Modern Video Streaming Platforms

Without any doubt, video streaming platforms are changing the way consumers are connecting and embracing modern entertainment platforms. Here, the influx of technology has impacted a lot, and now consumers have access to huge content. Technology has changed the way people used to consume content.

Content, a few years ago was restricted to the television but with tech developments, content consumption has changed manifold. The traditional approach of the broadcasting industry has to rethink its approach and strategy to stand firm in the entertainment market. Let us understand why live video streaming platform are thriving in the modern entertainment market. Some of the primary reasons for the rise of video streaming platforms are listed below:   

Limitations In Traditional Television Sets

The Internet is no doubt an enabler for every sphere. Creating a television channel of your own is a task in itself. The process of getting a television channel starts with licenses to cost, and it is a huge burden in itself to handle all those requirements simultaneously. It is huge baggage on its own to start a TV channel. Apart from that, there is also the matter of geography. Geographies have some limitations, but the internet has reached beyond boundaries. This omnipresent platform has put television entertainment to a corner.  

Arrival Of OTT For Entertainment Segment

With widespread access to the internet, traditional broadcasters are experiencing a huge downside in the sphere. Unless there is no other option, no consumer is going to use the television for entertainment purposes. Consumers are there to tune in for the alternative option for entertainment since it comes at their convenience. OTT platforms allow media companies to garner new-age users in such a way that was not possible before. This has primarily happened due to the amalgamation of technology with entertainment. Here, everything boils down to embracing the changes coming in the modern world.  

Openness To Different Geographies

The process of getting your own video streaming platform is not easy as pie. But streaming platforms over the internet have made entertainment possible at just a fraction of the cost. With this modern platform, it is all easy and simple to reach out to audiences around the globe. This openness and all-pervasiveness have made it a win situation for video streaming platforms. 

Advent Of Technologically Advanced Devices

The advent of devices is at its peak nowadays. Gone are the days when entertainment is limited to one device i.e. television. We have come too far from the one-screen entertainment platform to now multi-screen accessibility of entertainment content. Now we can consume content from smartphones, CTVs, PCs, laptops, tabs, and more. The number of smartphone users is around 6.5 billion. This show how humongous the world of smartphone users is. This much use of smartphones has proved that it is crucial to be on the platform to cover a large segment of the audience.  

The game does not end with the use of a smartphone, CTVs are also giving a huge contribution to the entertainment segment since people are more inclined toward bigger screens. This has made the growth of devices like Apple TV and Amazon Firestick TV. This shows only streaming apps cannot suffice the need of modern times. One needs to look over the platforms where the potential users are available to provide them access whenever they want. Video streaming platforms have made the view measurement possible and let you invest in the arena from where one can get a good return on investment. This is possible with real-time analytics that shows all the information about the kind of content being appreciated and the location of the huge consumer base.

All of these made the video streaming platforms an essential tool for entertainers in different parts of the world. We at Phando are there to help to get your own. You can reach out to our website to know more and get your multi-screen video streaming platform now!


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