Choosing an enterprise video platform

In today’s connected world, video platforms have a huge role to play in the enterprise space. Organizations are de-centralized and global – yet communication needs to be robust to bring in operational efficiencies. Learning needs to be continuous and often times organic to empower employees stay challenged and enable each other in the most optimal ways. An enterprise video platform has a huge role to play herein. Such a platform which binds the employees together and sometimes even clients and end users, has to be chosen carefully as it is a huge investment for the organization. While several factors need to be considered in choosing such a platform, some of the core ones include the support the platform provides across varied types of content, the functionalities it lets users perform on the content, integration with existing systems especially LMS and LCMSs (mainly in cases where the video platform is to be used for learning) to ensure learner progress and assessments can be tracked, and finally increasingly what kind of reports and analysis can be done for the content the platform provides. Most content on the enterprise video platform is often going to be used for productivity at work, collaboration amongst employees, or learning purposes – in such cases, it is important to understand how effectively users have been able to use the platform, how it has performed, how it is able to scale, how secure it is, how reliable and available it is, the support available for customization and usage etc.

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There are several players in the market today that offer enterprise video platforms. The key is not necessarily going with big names. Even a small player can certainly provide you the best of the service if the solution largely matches your needs. Most other nice to have features can often be customized and added on. Don’t thus look for someone that can address all your needs out of box. As long a prioritized set of features are taken care of (mostly in line with the ones listed above), go with a proof of concept and then scale bigger to meet your overall enterprise needs.

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