Modern And Traditional Means Of Getting Entertained: Which One Is Better?

The way we were used to being entertained has changed way too much than expected. We are not on at the same pitch when we compare the present entertainment platform or video streaming platform with the traditional platforms that are basically distributed by cable TV providers.

Over-the-Top platforms are amongst those platforms that have got a huge hike and the preference over any other traditional entertainment platform. There are many reasons for all these happenings, firstly because people were totally done with the regular content that they have seen in the traditional entertainment platforms. 

Initially, it all started just to make us secure from the wildly spreading Covid-19 but now it is the convenience of the platform that is making it more and more popular day by day. The most known and widely used online video streaming platforms are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot, Hulu among others. On the other hand, we were much dependent on the cable TV operator and DTH providers when it comes to the traditional entertainment sector.

Downfall Of The Traditional Means Of Entertainment And Rise Of Modern Entertainment Platforms

The downfall of all the traditional entertainment platforms started as a result of social distancing and the restriction created by the worldwide lockdown. But it is now gathering more popularity due to the quality content that these online video streaming platforms are providing. Above all, people are inclining more towards all those non-conventional content with detailed segregation of different genres.

Apart from the major push given by the worldwide lockdown, there are innumerable reasons that are making online video streaming platforms more popular and the other traditional means of entertainment getting a steady downfall. The major reasons for this present transition are many, some of the reasons are listed below: 

OTT or the online video streaming platforms are given more space to different genres of content, making it more diverse. With that, they are also vulnerable to experimentation which sometimes can turn out to be a huge trend, while on the other time it can be the most controversial issue. On the other hand, the traditional content on television is more or less similar across different channels. It is somehow a little restricted when we compare these two platforms. 

Online platforms are versatile with the content they provide. They came up with different genres and with that, they are also segregating it pretty well. This division and the clear segregation have brought viewers an easy way to go for the shows and genres they want. Television or the traditional means of entertainment lacks in this sector. 

Other than the point of segregation, OTT is far more advanced than television. This has made it the appropriate choice for those who are always up for modern technologies. The modern options like Chromecast, and Smart TV coming into the scenario have impacted the traditional mode of entertainment at an extreme level. But the preference of OTT over all these platforms is overpowering since they provide a diverse platform. 

However, one needs to accept the fact that any modern show cannot replace the shows that have got a huge fanbase. This is more often true for the Indian epics since people always have a soft corner for these old tales. It is due to nostalgia in the mind of the viewers.  

One of the major downsides of television is the limited channels with a dedicated time for a particular show. OTT has a different case. Here one can watch whatever they want to watch, whenever they want to watch, and on whichever device they want to watch.   

The time is about to come when everybody will be the creator of direct-to-customer content without any intermediary. This will be a great place for every original creator. With digitalization, entertainment has turned into a decentralized platform. Your “new normal” is watching your favorite show on weekends rather than going out for parties and regular meetings. Surely, meeting and chilling with friends is essential but after regular roasting in a restricted job, you want things that are different and that will give you peace and relaxation to your mind and body.  

Technological development with a combination of worldwide lockdown has given exponential growth to the online video streaming platform. It has drastically changed the perception of those who are searching for some of the other entertainment solutions. These online video streaming platform have made things much more relaxing and convenient entertainment platforms. The best thing about these modern entertainment platforms is their availability to be seen anytime and everywhere just with the accessibility of the internet.