OTT Technology Provider Phando Partners with Odia Movie App AAO TV

AAO TV is an Odia video streaming platform whose primary focus is to cater to its Odia audience through the showcase of varied web series, feature films, documentaries and music videos. These power-packed movies and series come across a wide variety of genres. 

Phando is the proud technology partner of AAO TV. Phando offers end-to-end OTT solutions to the Odia entertainment app. This impressive app also comes along with the following exclusive features:

  • Lets you flip through trailers to choose what to watch first
  • Maintains personalized content according to your geographical location
  • Offers you unlimited HD streaming and downloading 24X7
  • Personalizes your membership plan as per your needs
  • Makes content accessible anywhere in the world
  • Lets you download videos offline for on-the-go viewing

AAO TV satiates entertainment hunger of a grand 50 million Odia content lovers across the globe. This app is a one-stop platform for all the movie buffs who are craving for a regional daily dose of Odia classics and shows. The creators of this app sincerely believe in bringing a path-breaking change in entertainment that is at par with the changing international filmmaking/showcasing scenario.     

With COVID-19 doing global rounds if you are wondering on the ways to spend time, AAO TV is your answer.

Phando, where OTT Experts are at Play

Live streaming of videos and online movie/series watch is the new trend that seems to be in vogue and  is currently in high demand. This is the future of entertainment, with the declining trend of traditional media distribution channels.

This is exactly where the role of an OTT service comes to play. As long as you have access to an internet connection — either locally or through a mobile network — you can access the complete service at your leisure.

While witnessing a new wave of diversification across OTT markets, Phando is a name that stands out. The uniqueness of OTT features that Phando offers encompass its highlights including:

  • Provision for unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • A full-featured CMS
  • Comprehensive content delivery/streaming
  • A layout for detailed video encoding/transcoding
  • Complete security and safety at platform, content and user profile levels

Phando is known for providing stunning live linear stream origination. It delivers an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind video streaming experience for its growing users.

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