Phando Broadens the Horizon for Live Video Streaming

Communications have become quicker and more sophisticated in present times. Now, everything comes live, polished or unfiltered to the viewers, as per their expectations. 

The biggest contributor to the above change has been the live video streaming technology. It enables businesses or content creators to make viewers a part of an event and interact with them simultaneously. That is why the live streaming video platform has become the top customer engagement tool for modern businesses.

With its extraordinary live video streaming platform, Phando has made streamers’ jobs easier. We will discuss in this post what the top offerings of Phando are. But before that, let us bring to you some statistics that show the right time to invest in a live video streaming platform is Now.

Why You Need to Adopt Live Video Streaming

Set-top box users have adopted live streaming video platform choices as an alternative. About 33mn US households have already cut the cord and moved to OTT. Programs served through live video streaming are increasing by the day. Thus, you can become the first choice of OTT services and earn a better deal with them on adopting live video streaming.

Live video streaming has gained impetus from the pandemic-fueled conditions prevailing around. People cannot go to auditoriums, theaters, or playgrounds. The events, nevertheless, can come live to the audiences’ preferred devices via a live streaming video platform

Twitch, a website dedicated to live streaming, bagged a whopping deal of 970mn U.S. dollars when Amazon chose to make this website its official live streaming subsidiary. This magnanimous deal tells all about the sincerity that businesses are showing towards adopting live video streaming as a promising gap filler.

According to Ofcom Media Nations reports, Pay TV revenues declined by 2.7%, and the subscription to live streaming supporting solutions (OTT) increased by 25% in the UK in the year 2018. Tech Jury reports suggest a 99% rise in live streaming users from 2019 to 2020.

Amazon recently allocated about 7 billion dollars only to the video content, and it is providing lucrative deals to the original content makers, live sports broadcasters, etc. Understandably, a noticeable part of this growth is pandemic-fueled, as the world has only home entertainment options to avail. Amazon Video Direct, a streaming solution, is now all set to give tough competition to YouTube. This platform will offer video distribution and upload support to the makers just like YouTube.

These points indicate that demand is there, and the right time to take a plunge in live video streaming space is now.

To add to the convenience of visionaries, emerging technologies have done their bit too. Plenty of right solutions have hit the shelves recently. These technological innovations have made the video content compatible with IP hosting. Also, these are easily accessible through live streaming.

Phando has a bouquet of time-relevant, and cost-effective technological supports, encouraging novice makers by providing them with a wholesome launchpad for their creations.

Phando – Setting Benchmarks in Live Video Streaming Support

At Phando, every service is designed to bring video makers closer to their recognition earning dreams. This live streaming video platform expert has video streaming solutions relevant for spheres like education for students and teachers alike where video lectures can be uploaded for offline reference. Corporates can use it for live product launch streaming as well as live behind-the-scenes videos for deeper connections with target audiences. Live video streaming can also be used for sports, a live music concert, or a movie promotion event to reach the audience in their homes and devices. These are just a few examples of the power and promise the solution holds.

Hence, connectivity has a new meaning and better support with live video streaming.

Technologies Available at Phando

Won’t you want to know how all those things mentioned above will actually happen? The answer lies in Phando suite of tools that comprise:

      • Mobile and HTML5 Player: Phando player comes with advantages like Mobile-readiness, multi-bitrates and Adaptive streaming for both Live and VOD, DVR, switch to live, low latency DASH streaming and many more. Video enhancement ensures that the video offers the best viewing experience in all formats and bandwidths. Phando video player supports a wide range of bitrates and resolution. From standard definition to 4k videos., allowing users to have the best video quality irrespective of bandwidth availability.
      • Transcoder: Phando uses cutting edge transcoding infrastructure.. Primary task of a Transcoder is to convert video files from any format to bitrate as optimized, all device compatible and network friendly files. These can convert videos in batches, reducing the waiting time appreciably. Thus, be free to make videos in any format, and Phando transcoding excellence will make it suitable for any device, bandwidth, region.
      • Localization features: Tools aimed at localization like audio subtitles in various languages, multiple currencies, and local marketing and SEO support allows video streamers to be more relevant. Sustainability follows no sooner.
      • Live streaming: Give your audience a real-time view of events that matter to them. Phando video-audio synchronization tool can help in rendering seamlessness to events streamed live.

The biggest challenge any video streamer faces is that of abandonment. Viewers may tend to abandon if the live event does not start running within two seconds. The slower it does, the higher the abandonment rate. Phando cloud solutions are designed to beat that starting lag. These are truly scalable and secure too. 

Upload-as-you-record is another speciality of Phando Video Upload and Ingestion service. Moving to the next level from the convenience of uploading content from mobile phones, Amazon S3, tablets, etc., Phando’s video upload and ingestion solution serves the need of live streamers.

      • Video management: Convert each live video into a revenue-generating premise. The Phando video monetization model allows the content creators to insert ads seamlessly and generate revenues even from the free videos they make. Branding support help businesses meet their visibility requirements. Ad publishing support at Phando has focused on compatibility with all ads’ publishers, allowing users to monetize the videos quickly. The added advantage of security solutions helps provide impregnable cover to user data comprising personal, geographical, and financial details.

What Does Live Streaming Offer to Content Creators and Broadcasters?

Succinctly put, live streaming offers unmatched reach and convenience. By using Phando live streaming video platform, content creators can enjoy advantages like:

      • Higher viewership: Put the live video at streaming solutions like Phunflix, and talk about it on search engine ads, TVs, your official sites, etc. You are sure to get phenomenal hits in no time. As against any TV program viewership that is limited to millions, you can expect live streaming viewership to touch billions. If even one-tenth of those talk about it, imagine the popularity achieved!
      • Worldwide reach: Going global comes easy with live streaming support. The content developers or live streamers publish their content online. Phando’s partnerships with content delivery networks help leverage the virtues of online media. They can offer a buffer-free and seamless viewing experience to consumers stationed anywhere in the world, operating at any bandwidth.
      • RoI maximization: As Phando offers custom packages for a wide range of customers, it’s a cost effective yet feature rich solution as your tech partner. It is way less than the TV advertising budget. Further, with features like e-commerce or partnering with advertisers, you can monetize your live streaming session more quickly. It helps you scoop more profits and within a limited time.
      • Better advertising platform: Live streaming platform serves you with the best advertising support. Real people talking to the audience directly has an unmatched impact. The brand’s credibility grows phenomenally when it presents events live. Various AI-enabled solutions can help presenters add more engaging elements in live streaming, allowing producers to prevent it from becoming bland. The best combination of audio, video, people, and properties becomes possible to achieve by live streaming.
      • Scalable platform: Live streaming leverages the strengths of cloud computing. This technology offers easy scalability and ensures that the experience stays uninterrupted and crash-free. Video Simulcasting solution enables users to broadcast content on multiple platforms simultaneously. Thus, better reach and being there where customers hang out becomes easy.
      • Effortlessly sharable: Why does anybody advertise? The simple answer is to increase brand awareness. Also, to connect with as many people as possible. The live streaming video platform can serve as an excellent ice-breaker. And, if you manage to strike the right chord, you can get loyal viewers. They act as the best propagators with one ‘share’ button at their fingertip.

Challenges to Overcome

Though live streaming is doing great for businesses, and more and more content producers are shifting to this tool, there are a few challenges yet to overcome. For instance:

      • Businesses find it hard to understand how much bandwidth they need to buy to make the live streaming experience a great one. This lack of knowledge can crash their promotion plan before taking off.
      • If you run a low-quality video, you may risk losing revenues by 25%, Verizon affirms.
      • Starting failure is a reality. About 2.6% of video streaming events don’t start successfully.
      • Lack of localization support like closed captioning, multiple language audio, etc., can adversely hit the streaming video’s popularity.

Video streaming tech experts like Phando have always been a step ahead in this regard. It has deeply researched all pain points associated with live streaming. Users can find features like bandwidth selection, multi audio, multilingual close captioning, offline viewing and several other features. All these features can collectively create an excellent experience for the content consumers.

Staying ahead of the times is the first and foremost demand for being a global leader. Live streaming video platforms like Phando are designed to serve all types of customers, whether big or small. It can effectively serve heterogeneity, diversified interests of the audience, and localization needs, thereby truly broadening the horizon for live video streaming. 


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