PhunFlix App Crosses 1 Lakh Downloads on Google PlayStore

2020 has witnessed a decisive shift towards OTT. In the absence of theatrical movie releases and new content not being televised on major TV channels, a large number of users looking for fresh entertainment have shifted toward various OTT platforms. Video on demand (VOD) services has seen an astronomical jump in terms of viewership and new users being added to the platform.

However, there is still a huge gap between content creators and OTT platforms. Producers and directors struggle to release their movies and TV shows on OTT and monetize them reliably. Tier-2 and tier-3 markets are still catching up to OTT services and there is a lot of untapped potential.

PhunFlix mobile app was launched with the motive of giving a secure and reliable OTT platform to producers and directors of TV shows and movies from all regions. PhunFlix app offers an easy-to-use OTT solution to release your video content, monetize it, and reach viewers all over the globe.

While PhunFlix has proven to be a boon for directors and producers to release their video content on OTT, it has also become a popular video streaming app among viewers of multiple genres. Within a span of just 3 months, after its launch, the PhunFlix app has clocked over 1,00,000 downloads and is getting a footfall of over 5,000 unique users on a regular basis. We are now getting over 1 million screen views per month and more than 100 unique titles are being watched every day.

On reaching this milestone, the PhunFlix team is not only thrilled but also feels a sense of greater responsibility to strive more for excellence and serve its content creators and viewers with more zeal.