Testing Of Video Platform


Video is all over the marketing world. It’s proven an effective content, especially now when the average person spends 88% or more time on websites of videos and one-third of all online activities center on viewing video. People like video, and it’s blonde to assume they will invest more time engaging with video in the future. Researchers understand how the people are more concerned to video in comparison to text as there is some connection they made with the visuals they used to see. So they just wanted to deliver some outstanding experiences.

How to perform testing for audio/video streaming websites:

With the broadband service the importance of video streaming has been increased to a impressive level. All media websites contains video/audio streaming. Streaming video is  good choice, when you do not want people to download your video and share with people. Here are steps to test video/audio streaming.

  1. Verify that the video and audio is playing for all enabled browsers.
  2. Verify that the message shown on the player is correct when network is unavailable
  3. Verify that the audio should be in sync with the video
  4. Verify that the player controls seen on the browser are correct
  5. Ensure that users that have paid to access live streaming has the validation to live stream the video
  6. Ensure that video player has allowed playing video at lower bit rates as to lower the buffering due to network issues

OTT Video Platform Testing:

The OTT portal which we have worked on is for our client Vigyan Prasar. The functionalities and all the available content were listed to us and we have tested it. The OTT portal now a days have become a boom because various famous portals such as Netflix, Amazon Prime etc are working on such projects. India Science was the site which was built by Phando Team in which we have introduced the banner and VOD feature as well as OTT Live Streaming in the scheduler.

Testing was from the video which was provided by the client and the different categories were generated from backend and the user can pull video to any category and schedule it on the scheduler. We have to check that the transcoding of video is faster and processing should take place. Pixel of video should change according to the quality we select and the network analysis should show the proper bit rates according to it.


OTT Video is seeing an interest and higher bandwidth network like 4G and 5G go live around  world chance are on-demand, videos consumption will go more higher. For the marketers who are concerned that the people should get effective product and without any hassle– maybe this is the platform that ensures the people that the video streaming will get easier and more helpful in future.

Where the standards are higher, quality of software is the most important part for the consumers. Having the software which works fine on Firefox but does not perform well in safari will not be acceptable to the users, who had so many market options to switch to any of the site or platform which ensure them about the services they provide.

Choosing the video player which is right is  about the features it offers and about how the user feels to use it, and both are a bit subjective.