Things you Need to Know Before Launching an eLearning Platform

eLearning global market is all set to surpass $325 billion by 2025. Students, educational institutes and teachers from all over the world are leveraging the power of online education to reach each other. With high-speed internet reaching every nook and corner of the world and handheld digital devices getting more affordable, eLearning is rapidly attracting more users from different fields for different purposes. With the current COVID-19 global crisis, this demand is only further on the rise

eLearning is now not just leveraged by schools and students to earn a certification or degree. Organizations from different sectors of the world are now also using eLearning to facilitate efficient training and certification programs for employees. It has become a more cost-efficient and feasible learning method while having access to world-class learning resources.

If you are planning to launch your own online learning program, here are a few key things that you need to keep in mind for a successful launch.

Define the eLearning Goal

eLearning is not just about delivering a bunch of information online. You are expected to present the information in logical successions while staying to your goal and considering how the information will be consumed by the learner.

Organizations opt for eLearning models to shorten the certification time or create a centralized system for training. Schools leverage eLearning to facilitate access to world-class course material or renowned teachers from all over the world. Hence, it is crucial to have a defined goal before launching the eLearning program.

Here are some goals that can be achieved through an eLearning program:

  • Learners can have access to the learning material at their own convenient time
  • Deliver an online learning repository where a learner can always get back for reference
  • Record and track the progress of training
  • Efficiently manage dynamic training audience
  • Easily add a new training session
  • Interact and communicate with learners in the real-time

The more specific the goal is, the more likely you are going to achieve it.

Think about the number of expected users you will have on the platform and what you would need in the long term to successfully run an eLearning platform. Be sure about the bells and whistles you add to the eLearning program including interactive features and video capabilities; they will add value to your solution as long as they do not impact overall performance.

Choose A Capable Learning Management System (LMS)

Your eLearning program’s success depends significantly on the kind of LMS you have.

What is a Learning Management System?

LMS is like a virtual school where teachers can teach from any part of the world, assign courses, assignments, and tests to the learner, analyze their results and track their performances efficiently. An LMS allows you to easily create a digital knowledge base of all the e-courses, classroom and lecture videos, and other learning collaterals in a single repository. Learners or teachers can access this knowledge at any point in time.

The data stored in an LMS is safely stored on the cloud and is secured with several security features including  end-to-end encryption, controlled access, automatic data backup, and advanced password authentication among others.

Here are some other benefits of on LMS:

  • Easily assign courses to an employee, team or the whole office through a few clicks
  • LMS helps you monitor the quality of training through detailed analytics on each user, group and content item
  • Keep the process of eLearning interactive and engaging through internal forums, real-time chat among users on the platform

Locally hosted or a cloud-based LMS?

A cloud-based LMS can reduce your efforts to launch an eLearning program significantly while reducing time-to-market in comparison to a locally hosted LMS. Besides, cloud-based solutions are more user-friendly and will ensure a smoother user experience on all platforms and devices. You also get customizable templates through which you can instantly upload your learning modules and fully customize them as per your branding guidelines.

Phando as a cloud-based LMS constantly strives to enhance the user experience, performance and security aspects for its clients. As a result, it also keeps on rolling out updates at a faster pace to keep your eLearning program technologically updated.


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With a cloud-based LMS, you will not have to worry about set-up, update, maintenance and monitoring of the system. This will help in saving a lot of IT resources that you can then deploy for core business tasks.


Learning Management Systems are equipped to generate automated reports that cover key metrics including learner engagement rate, progress tracking, performance, average view time, content traffic, rating/ feedback and course completion rate among others.

You also get the option to easily customize reporting metrics to focus on online training modules that are mission-critical to your organization. Keeping a track of these reports will help you analyze the performance of your overall learning program.

Collaborative Learning Tools

With an eLearning program, you are required to fuel online discussions, group collaboration for projects, quiz and real-time chat during a session. Learning Management Platforms also offer live streaming of lectures to facilitate education in real-time. Phando leverages HTML5 players and adaptive bit-rate streaming to render online video streaming platform on all devices and platforms even at low internet bandwidths.

Users can also do video conferencing with the teacher without having to move out of the ecosystem of your eLearning program. Hence, it is crucial to have an LMS that provides these business-critical project management features instead of spending a fortune on third-party tools.

eLearning has now become a norm and with emerging markets leveraging it to bridge the gap between good learning resources and students, it is poised to witness become more popular in the coming years. Phando offers end-to-end eLearning platform solutions cost-efficiently to help organizations facilitate an eLearning program easily and at a faster pace. Learn more about our offerings here.