Tips To Choose The Best OTT Development Company In India

With more than 30 major languages in the country, India has become one of the hubs of the entertainment industry. Video streaming has got a major chunk in entertaining the audience. The entertainment industry is a prominent contributor to the economy of the nation. Every new development and technological revolution has turned the tables positively for video streaming. Today we get vast access to unlimited content over the internet but it all could not be possible in India without the OTT platform developers in the country. 

How OTT Gained Momentum In India? 

India as a nation is full of diversity and there are different demands of every segment of the society. The OTT revolution in the country started taking place in 2008 quietly with the online movie-on-demand platform. Reliance Entertainment started the first movie-on-demand/OTT platform named BIGFlix. Later on the tech company Digivive came up with India’s first OTT app named nexGTv. The app brought live TV and on-demand content to the end users and became the first app to stream the live Indian Premier League (IPL) matches in 2013 and 2014. It got a pace with DittoTV (Zee) and Sony Liv in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Fast forward to the outbreak of coronavirus, these platforms become a source of entertainment to a large segment of society. Landing in 2022, we have witnessed more than 40 OTT platforms.

During the past few years, the entertainment industry has taken a huge shift in the light of digitization in the nation. This has brought an immense opportunity to the entertainment sector and has increased the demand for OTT platform development. These platforms in the country have made the accessibility of authentic and rooted content to the audience. The audience previously is so used to the mainstream, chic, and elite content available in the entertainment market. 

In this competitive OTT industry, the central concern has become to stand apart from the other major industry players since there is always an option for the viewers to shift. OTT platform development is not a huge task rather the bigger task is to get ahead in the market. 

In today’s blog, we will try to understand how you can stand ahead of the other OTT players in the industry. First and foremost, it is quite crucial to get a clear vision of who is and will be the targeted audience. Everything has to be done keeping them in mind since they are now in the driver’s seat. With this blog, we will try to present a vision with which you can get your own OTT platform. The major points that we have listed here are to satisfy the needs of the targeted audience. The user-friendliness of the platform is what the target should be. This is in terms of the content available on the platform, the UI and UX design, the monetization methods, and dynamic OTT testing that are used to get a better ROI from it. 

The core purpose of writing this blog is to enlighten the thought of “Make In India”. At last, content should be presented on the floor with a high-end OTT platform made in India itself. Let’s head into the content to get an idea of how streamers can lead the market of entertainment.

Things To Remember Before Choosing OTT Platform Development Company In India

The present market is full of OTT software companies that are stepping their foot forward to make streaming possible for everyone. But the hassle does not end there, actually, it starts from here. If you are searching for any OTT platform development company in India, the first and foremost point is that you need to consider what you want. And thereafter hunt the brands that are providing similar OTT development services in India. Some of the key features that you should remember are listed below: 

Be Clear With The Nature Of The Platform You Want

“When you win the audience, you win the market”

The streamer needs to be visionary and at the same time open to suggestions that are reasonable from the OTT developers. The vision and mission of the platform should be crystal clear. This will not bring any conflict in the OTT platform development and brings the best results that the streamers want to provide the audience. Here the platform should be designed as per the targeted audience. Visionaries should always know what platform they are going to launch in the market and what set of audiences they are targeting.

If the audience is youngsters, the design has to be trendy, easy to use the platform, and compatible with different devices. Not everyone is going to put extra effort into the platform unless they do not have any other option. Keep things as fast and smooth as possible, it will help in getting a bigger chunk of the audience. 

Impactful UI And UX Designs

“The soul goes where the eyes get attracted”

UI and UX are the heart and soul of the OTT platform. A great design will be one that creates a seamless and engaging experience for the users. When choosing an OTT platform development company in India, the UI & UX have to be considered and communicated with the company as per the targeted audience. With exceptional UI & UX design, it also becomes inevitable to provide a seamless experience to the end-users over every device. Viewers continuously swap devices according to their comfort and the UI & UX should be uniform over all the devices.

The onboarding experience should be smooth for the end users. Everything is only meaningful till the time users can access it and gets full utility of it. Providing massive content without any proper segmentation may put the users in difficulty and thereafter a bad user experience. The platform should have an easily navigable interface that can show what the user wants in the minimal time possible. Using AI-based recommendations could be the best choice to provide a personalized experience on the OTT platform. Curating content in a segmented manner and providing content recommendations based on the watch history of the user will keep the user stick to the platform. In all, this will provide the user with a seamless experience while using the OTT app or the web page. 

Availability Of Diverse Monetization Methods

“Choosing the right monetization model, getting the core of the audience”

The core purpose of having an OTT platform is to engage the audience and monetize the content over the internet. There are a number of monetization methods used for the OTT platform to get the perfect monetization of the content they are providing to the audience. The method is all dependent on the audience that you are targeting.

SVOD is considered the most remunerative monetization model and currently represents the largest segment of the OTT market. It allows the audience to get access to the entire content of the platform at a flat price on a monthly or yearly basis. It brings everything on one platter.

The second method is TVOD. It allows the viewer to get the content of their choice on a pay-per-view basis. It includes electronic sell-through or EST where a single payment is done for the content to access indefinitely and download to rent where the content accessibility is given for a limited time.

Thirdly, AVOD monetization, in this, the viewers can get access to the content for free while leveraging the advertising revenue to get the ROI of the content. Yet the method is overlooked by premium content providers.

Lastly, a great amalgamation of different monetization techniques can work to bind the audience of different fields.

Here the audience can subscribe to the platform to get access to the library and can also purchase new arrivals. Every other model has its own specific area where it can generate revenue. SVOD is the appropriate choice for premium and niche-based content while AVOD is great for generic content. The other two, TVOD and hybrid are great choices for occasional exclusive content/live events and multi-segmented audiences respectively. Selection should be solely based on the inclination of the audience.

Get Proper Platform Testing Done Before Its Launch

“Robust OTT testing, a need before platform marketing”

Creating an OTT platform is a complex process. This happens since every user has different likings and dislikings. The thing one may get delighted with can also annoy the other. In short, UI/UX and its testing have a big role in making the platform a success. To get a successful OTT platform, getting the OTT testing in India done is inevitable. There are countless things to remember to get the best-in-class testing of the platform. Testing the UI (user interface) lets the OTT developers check the elements with which the user interacts with the platform.

The UX of the platform also needs to be tested since it gives information about what the users take or experience while using the platform. It can be understood using a real-time OTT platform example. Let’s take the example of Netflix, the platform has algorithms that focus on the user. The platform knows how to keep the viewers stuck to the platform. Keeping the sign-up process simple, providing relevant content to the user, and an experience to remember is the pillar with which they work. Remember, if the platform has a too tricky sign-up process, there are chances that the user may get tired and not continue with the platform. Keep it simple and attractive and you will make it in the streaming market while getting the testing done efficiently. It will surely open the door to a wide audience.

These are not all the needs that have to be looked upon before choosing OTT software companies in India. Apart from them, the streamers should also look upon the features, encryption, CDN, CMS, and device compatibility of the OTT platform which they want to get. Phando can help streamers to get their turnkey OTT platform needs to be fulfilled competently. To us, it the not the platform we create but rather the dream we make a reality. To know more about our services and how we can help others to stream their dreams seamlessly, contact us or visit our website. 

We will be happy to serve you, happy streaming!