Top 4 Reasons Choose CDNs For OTT Platforms

Most of you must be doing good with your OTT platforms, but there are some issues that drive your viewers away from your platform. Some issues like sluggishness, low-quality user interface, and the content. We are pretty sure that if you are running your own OTT platform, you surely have a good audience base but some issues on the platform can take out the audience from your platform.

Latency on the OTT platforms is considered the most cited issue for any viewer to shift from one platform to the other. The streaming speed and buffering time of the platform structure the future of the platform. These are the fundamental aspects to decide the future of the OTT platforms. This all becomes decisive in the present time when the demand and the popularity of OTT platforms are increasing unprecedentedly. 

Apart from it, if you are running an OTT platform or building your platform, it will touch the corners of the world and attract an audience from every part of the world. Relying upon one server or localized server will not cater to the needs of OTT platforms. All that will require more supportive and more reliable support from a distributed network. 

The role of the Content Delivery Network (CDN) rises here. CDN helps in improving the speed and the delivery of content. There are plenty of benefits that you are going to experience if you go for CDN over any other local servers for content distribution. Let us first understand what CDN is and how it helps in getting the delivery of the content at a much more pace than other platforms.  

What Is a Content Delivery Network? 

CDNs are geographically distributed servers that work in providing fast delivery of content through the internet. It allows a quick transfer of assets for loading content over the internet including videos, images, javascript files, HTML pages, and stylesheets.

The popularity of content delivery network services continues to grow every day and presently the major web traffic is served through these services only. Whenever any user accesses your OTT platform, the server closest to the geographical location is used to deliver the streaming content to the viewer. All these proxy servers help in reducing the buffering time and latency which helps in improving the overall viewership of the platform.  

The best thing about using CDN services is its ability to secure the platform from some malicious attacks like DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Services) attacks. It does it all while protecting the origin server of OTT platforms from any unanticipated traffic surge or cyber-attacks.

Advantages of Using a CDN for OTT Platforms

CDN has now become the need of most websites and now with the tremendous spike of OTT platforms or video streaming platforms, it has also become a need of the platform. All of this is needed particularly the vulnerability of the platform to the slow speed and delays due to buffering. The resource-intensive content like video, audio, or animation is basic to the streaming platforms. 

This has turned into a basic need of the OTT platforms. If you own an OTT platform and still not using CDN for content delivery can be a huge headache in the near future. We have listed some of the benefits of using CDN services for modern OTT platforms. Some of the benefits of using CDN over local servers are:

Enhanced User Experience

Increased speed of your platform is the biggest advantage that CDN provides. It provides a more reliable speed to the platform irrespective of the fact of where the user is located. Viewers do not have to wait for long to watch their favorite show or movie on the OTT platform. The content delivery network also ensures the functionality of OTT platforms in times of unprecedented traffic on the platform.

Above all, modern CDN also provides cache content of the viewers that includes viewing history. It helps the users to start from the point where they have left. It all helps in bringing a more enhanced experience to the user and reduces the downfall of the subscribers. 

Improved Security

This new-age content delivery network provides a number of security features that help in the smooth functioning of the OTT platform. The security features in the platform include malware protection and bot detection including others. Unitedly, all these help in protecting your platform from various cyber-attacks.

Talking about the extreme scenario, even if the platform encounters such attacks, it is only the proxy servers that are going to get affected by the platform. 

Better Performance Of OTT Platforms

All the geographically distributed proxy servers maintain the smooth functioning of the OTT platform. It makes the transfer of the content flawless even if the core server has some issues in working. The viewer will not get much hassle while streaming the content. All smoothness is covered with enhanced security features, the platform can efficiently satisfy the viewers round-the-clock. 

Increased Scalability

Content delivery networks had made the handling of the traffic spikes become a piece of cake. This is primarily due to the distributed networks that led to the distribution of the content over multiple platforms and helps in reducing the overwhelming traffic over the origin server. 

Moreover, there is also a facility to get an add-on server during the high surge on the platform. All these become handy for scaling your live streaming or OTT platform. 

Build your high-quality OTT platform with our all-pervasive CDN services. In the present world of speed, it is not only the content that wins over the customer but an effortless service that brings content at an ease. This is the major need to acquire new subscribers and retain others who left the platform due to regular buffering and increased time requirements.

In all, a CDN enhances a platform’s security, scalability, and reliability. It ensures a buffer-free viewing to the consumer.