The Power of Video Streaming

We often talk about how the world has come together and the distance between geographies has shrunk. While technology at large has had an important role to play in this phenomenon, certain specific technologies have had a larger role to play than the others in aiding this change.

Video powered technology is one of those significant contributors in this mix. Video has facilitated anywhere, anytime learning across disciplines, and communication in remote parts of the world with an in-person like experience and has brought together experiences of a lifetime. However, when we talk of video streaming, we still synonymously only look at live streaming. While this is an important feature in the video streaming portfolio, there are other streaming and video content delivery mechanisms which also bring in their own strengths. These include adaptive downloads that let you download and access content offline, progressive downloads that flexibly scale up or down depending on the bandwidth the user is on, and video on demand letting you customize your video play. You can find more details about each of these in our Phando features pages.

If you look at core video statistics in recent times, trends we see are very re-assuring. Television based viewing comes down, mobile viewing goes up, live streaming of sport events continues to be the biggest use case scenario, ad viewing in live stream sessions go up, cloud and SaaS based viewing goes up. These are all certainly indicative of a more promising future and an upward growth path for video streaming. And with all of this existing momentum, we have only reached the tip of the iceberg.

There is so much more potential that can and will be harnessed in the coming years, thanks to the growth in and access to technology and the positive response from end users in taking in newer solutions coming in. Video streaming is also one of the ways, organizations and governments alike, are attempting to reach the untapped masses in developing and under-developed sections of varied countries, in areas such as their education, healthcare needs amongst others.

With this growing breadth and depth in video content delivery and streaming and the increasing commitment in organizations, nations and people using video management solutions, the excitement is hard to miss or witness. Phando, is our small offering in this ocean that we believe will make a significant difference.

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