Video Streaming And The Future Of E-Learning

E-learning has flourished during the last few years. Covid-19 has contributed a lot in giving it a pace. People had anticipated that online learning can not take the place of traditional learning. In all, a number of people had an opinion that it is a quick arrival and exit phenomenon in the learning sphere. Withal, popular opinion presents that it will not take over the traditional way of learning.

But this is the perception of a couple of years ago when video streaming on the internet was not that popular in the learning sphere. Presently, many things have changed. It all got momentum when video streaming got a space in the learning sphere and was accepted by the learners. The arena of video streaming has increased and now every talk/communication can be done with the online platform.  

Past And Present Of E-Learning

It took years for classrooms to arrive on the digital platform. Learning traditionally used to take place in the open spaces that further reached out to the classrooms and now it is all available on small screens. Talking about eLearning specifically, it took years to reach the small screens. It did not happen overnight. The major milestones that helped it to reach its present space are listed below:  

The Time Of 1990s – It was in the late 1990s when the “term” was coined. Elliott Masie coined the term “eLearning” in his Conference at Disneyworld. Initially, the term uses to refer to classes that took place via some or other electronic device.   

E-Learning In The Period till 2005 – After the arrival of learning through electronic devices in the 1990s, the advancements in terms of software and multimedia further gave a push to eLearning to a wider space so that more students can opt for the online mode of learning. 

E-Learning till 2010 – Learning through online mode becomes more convenient with the arrival of flash videos. During this period the concept of mobile learning arrived in the arena and this transformed the way people used to look at video streaming platforms for education.  

Present-Day Learning – Presently, we are experiencing an upside-down scenario where learning has taken up the whole space of the screen. It is not the classrooms that are educating but the screens that are making a difference in the education sector. The apps that educate people are not confined rather it has turned into a space where everyone can reach and access the content of their choice if they require it. 

The Future Of E-Learning

Although presently due to the Covid-19 scenario eLearning has taken up the space of traditional learning, still it is too soon to say that it can take the place of traditional classrooms. It is altogether a promising tool for both tutors and students alike. COVID-19 seemed to have significantly paced up the transition of higher education institutions to online learning across different parts of the world.  The market value of E-Learning is estimated to increase to 360 billion Indian rupees by 2024 which was around 39 billion rupees in 2018. Some of the key reasons indicating why eLearning is taking place of traditional learning are:  

Reduced Cost

The core benefit of eLearning is its cost-effectiveness. The reduction in the cost is all due to the reduced cost of transportation and accommodation and limited cost of data. The reduced cost will be beneficial for the students to get away from the grave hole of student debt. Withal, it will be an eco-friendly way of learning.  

Remote Classes

Gone are the days when going to on-campus classes are the only resort to get a good academic career. Today, with the online video streaming platforms and apps, completing college via online classes provides immense opportunities for learners to learn different things. In all, eLearning is primarily knowledge brought to the learner. It gives the flexibility to learn beyond campus and away from the restricted schedule.  

Quick Accessibility

Compared to traditional teaching methods, eLearning leverages students with faster delivery. Online video streaming enables students to go at their own pace. Without the worry of limited time, one can learn whenever and wherever they want to learn.  

Personalized Learning 

Unlike a traditional learning segment, eLearning gives the learner a personalized experience making it the “platform for the learner”. Here, through video streaming, the learner can interact with the tutor in real-time. These online video streaming platforms curate courses specifically for the learner. 

Online learning is illuminating millions of education institutions including schools, colleges, coaching centers, and even corporates around the globe for teaching and training purposes. And now with every development in the video streaming field, online learning is bringing more and more feature-rich experiences every next day. With every adoption, it becomes a more visually appealing and learner-oriented platform. There is more come and more to learn opportunity for the learner.