Why Low Latency Is Crucial For Live Video Streaming?

Streaming live video content comes with some prerequisites to be in the competitive business. When streaming video online, it becomes imperative to deliver the video in just seconds. Creating an impeccable user experience is the way to keep the viewer sticking to your platform and making a mark in the streaming market. There are many ways that matter and impact the user experience. One of the factors impacting user experience is latency. Latency at the least is a way to provide a great user experience and keep them stick to the platform for a longer time.

Low latency allows the audience to experience the content seamlessly. In online video streaming platform, latency is primarily the delay in delivery of the image captured and visibility of the video content to the audience. It provides an opportunity for the viewers to watch the content in real-time. It is the delay between the captured image and its delivery to the viewer. Low latency brings a negative impression to the end user and it becomes highly important for professional broadcasters.

With this blog, we will try to explain what is low latency and why it is crucial for video streaming.

What Is Low Latency In Live Video Streaming?

Latency in live video streaming is the delay in capturing and the delivery of the frame. It is fundamentally due to the processing and sending of the live video content. It does not take much time yet each step leads to a delay in the delivery of the content. The steps include:

  • Processing of the camera image
  • Transcoding of the video content
  • Time for transferring the video
  • Decoding and displaying the video

Providing low latency video streaming is the need of any streaming business. Reduced buffer time and seamless delivery will ultimately lead to increased traffic and later on better ROI for the platform.

Why Low Latency Needed For Live Video Streaming?

There are several reasons that show low latency in the need for any online video streamers. Some of the major reasons for the same are listed below:

Exceptional Experience

To provide an exceptional streaming experience, it is quite important for the streamers to provide delivery of the content in real-time. For any live streaming including live shows, events, concerts, news, sports streaming, etc. it is essential to provide a lag-free delivery to provide a quality experience to the audience.

Seamless Delivery

Lag-free video delivery is one of the basic requirements to provide a good user experience to the viewers. Therefore it is imperative to provide low latency video streaming. In streaming live videos for gaming, concerts, or live events, low latency is the need to get a good experience from the end user. Even for VOD streaming, low latency is the basic need since no viewer is willing to wait over one platform unless the content is exceptionally good.

Better Engagement

User engagement is the key to getting more traffic and more users on the platform. This is the basic need for live streaming. If the live video content delivery takes too much time, then it will probably hamper the engagement of the platform.
In all, the user is the king when it comes to live video streaming solutions in India. Providing a great experience will bring a quality experience to the end users. It helps the platform to gather more crowd and traffic over the platform.