5 Reasons To Get Your Own OTT Platform

OTT Platform aka Over-the-Top Platform is making everything possible over the internet without any need for traditional broadcaster, DTH provider, or cable provider. The easy accessibility of OTT video streaming platforms is one of the reasons making it popular day by day. To stream on the OTT platforms, viewers only require a reliable internet connection and a device that can support the browser or the application. 

The most common devices used for streaming shows on OTT are mobile devices, laptops, computers, tablets, smart TVs including some others. This is quite a platform of tomorrow. The benefits of these platforms are worth it as it gives control over the content and its quality. Basically, it is the platform that any creator can have if they think their content has a quality that can attract viewers.

Getting a platform of your own is an easy task now and the benefits of having one are immense. Let’s dive into the major reasons that make it crucial to get your own platform if you are a creator without any delay.  

Get The Right Respect To Be The Original Creator

Creators are the most vulnerable section when it comes to getting credit and getting the proper recognition of the work. India is turning into a place full of video creators whether on YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform. These are the first choice of any initial creator since these are easily accessible, freely available, and an easy get platform for a newbie. It all makes sense! But as you grow, you get a knack of the platform, it becomes crucial to get your talent in the right shape for the future benefits in terms of business, profits, and getting the right brand image. 

It becomes an essential need for those who want to form their careers in the field of creating and sharing videos and monetizing their talent to its best then you should look no further than your own OTT video streaming platform. The best part of having your own OTT is having your own strategy towards making profits and turning to a brand in yourself.  

Lead Towards A Direct-To-Consumer Business Platform And Get A Better Revenue Prospect 

If you have come so far making it all out on video streaming then probably you are making good quality content. You probably are amongst those with whom people connect so why not get a direct-to-consumer platform without any intermediary. This will bring huge business development prospects and great opportunities for revenue generation. If you are here, reading it all then probably it is time to plan the launch of your own OTT video streaming platform with Phando. Without any doubt, the investment made in the D2C (Direct-to-consumer) business is much more beneficial in the long run. 

This all depends on the content since “Content is the King”, anytime! If you have content that can connect with a larger audience then it is time to make it all happen. You just need to have the right plan and strategy to get it all done.   

Get A Control Over The User Experience And The Brand Image

One of the frustrating things about any other video-sharing platform like YouTube and so on is their scatteredness and low video quality. All these videos are not accurately arranged and there are always endless recommendations flooding your way. This is due to their strategy to develop their business and their brand specifically, not yours! 

If you are a dedicated creator then you must value the experience that you are willing to provide your customers. To do that, you can get your own OTT video streaming platform, the way you wanted! This will not only bring a bundle of followers to your platform but also build a great brand image for the future. 

Starting an OTT platform with Phando is altogether an easy, affordable, and beneficial option for any creator out there. You name the OTT solution that you require and we are there to make it all happen.   

Monetize It The Way You Wanted

Without any doubt, money is one of the essentials to lead a quality life. There are times when creators want to share quality content without any selfish need but no one is here to work so hard just to have fun. If you are giving all your efforts to entertain your viewers then why not make profits out of it. Great monetization of your content can become a motivation for anyone to work harder every day. 

So, basically, there are different ways to get your content monetized. And every platform provides a different way to monetize your content which sometimes you like and sometimes you don’t. Having your own platform is the best way to go for the right monetization you always wanted. It will suit your requirements and will surely bring profits out of it. 

Get The Control Of Your Own Data

Data are amongst the most crucial yet neglected points for any creator. We usually neglect the point of data just to get a monetized value of our content. It should not be the usual case. As a creator, you should be aware of your rights and responsibilities. 

This is the most important asset that any live video streaming platform takes from you. These data are used for their own business purposes and profits.

Starting your OTT platform means getting all rights of your content without any breach of the data which is usually the case when you post your content on any other platform. 

So, it has turned into a crucial thing for every content creator who takes their job seriously and wants to make their future in the same field for the rest of their life.

Without any doubt, having your own OTT platform will definitely be beneficial for you. Phando is surely there whenever you need it, but you need to take the right decision and choose the right platform to make the best use of your talent.