Everything You Need To Know About OTT

OTT, you must have heard the term and it can be possible that you must have seen or at least heard about some of the series as well. It is all because of the extreme popularity of the platform and of a number of series. It has turned into a buzz term for the last two years. This is basically due to the increase in the usage of the platform for entertainment, but are you aware of what it is actually? So, everyone knows it is a platform that one can run with a reliable internet connection. But how is it different from YouTube? Are you also confused with this matter? No worries, there are plenty of people around you who are confused with the same fact. Many just consider it as a platform that is accessible with an internet connection like YouTube but requires a certain subscription amount. Right? Probably yes. Let’s dive into the matter and understand it all. 

YouTube is a little different platform than modern OTT platforms. Basically, OTT is not like other video streaming platforms like YouTube. Here, it is quite important to understand that YouTube is the platform where one can stream content across different devices. It is definitely a popular platform for video streaming. On the other hand, OTT is a little different platform, definitely on the superior side. Here one can get quality content and experience. All of the quality content can be accessed across different platforms. 

How Does It Work? 

Talking about the working of the platform, one has to understand that these platforms can be accessed with a number of devices. All these platforms can be accessible with devices like mobile devices, tablets, laptops, personal computers, and smart TVs. When talking about mobile devices and tablets, one can go for downloading the application first and then get entertained, the other option can be to go browsing it online. One can browse on their personal computers or laptops for whichever OTT platform they want to watch. Other than that, the option of smart TV is always there for all those who love to watch it all on the bigger screen. 

The big names of these OTT platforms include Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Disney+ Hotstar, and many more. 

OTT And YouTube

Plenty of you may get confused with these questions, YouTube or OTT? How is it different? Which one is better? Let’s just tackle this question and get everything cleared now. 

So, whenever you post any content on YouTube, you will probably share some data with the platform. These are just the essential data that any platform takes from you. Unlike OTT, YouTube is designed to allow everyday consumers to share videos of their choice and take some information from your side as any web search engine does. For example, when you search on Google Chrome or Microsoft Bing you share your details that somewhere is used for their business purposes. The same is the case with YouTube, they will take your information, get control of your content, or keep advertisements in-between the content that you post. 

OTT, on the other hand, has more freedom and data protection since it is all yours. These OTT platforms provide more control over the content, are direct-to-consumer platforms, and the best part is their freedom to choose the content you want as a viewer.

Why OTT Is Better Than YouTube? 

This is the most sought-after question that is usually raised by many of the viewers or the customers. It is quite certain to ask since YouTube is entertaining for free but there are only limited shows and certain OTT platforms provide content for free. 

No doubt, OTT platforms provide their shows at a certain subscription price (SVOD), one-time purchase (TVOD), or sometimes advertisement model (AVOD) or use any other way of monetization. But various factors prove that OTT is better than YouTube. 

Firstly, OTT gives full control over your content, better protection of your data, and the experience that you wanted to give your viewers. 

Secondly, OTT provides ad-free content, making it all easy and convenient for the viewers. It just requires a certain amount that makes it all smooth and convenient for the viewers. Different platforms use different monetization methods. Some go with the SVOD or TVOD and some even choose a different way to monetize their content and get benefit from it.

Thirdly, these OTT services provide content directly to the consumer. This direct-to-consumer makes it convenient for any service provider. It is easy for the service providers to get the targeted audience on their premises. Other than being connected directly to customers, it is all possible to get valuable feedback from them. Is there anything else any content curator needs? 

Lastly and the most crucial one, it gives a free hand to the viewers to choose which sphere they like the most. Some might like the fictional series while others just wanted to hop up for some infotainment. It has changed the scenario and the consumer has turned into the driver of entertainment. They can choose what they want and pay for the same. Basically, it is the transfer of power to the viewer.  

Future Of OTT

OTT is a giant market and the best thing about this market is its accessibility to all. If I wanted to get my own OTT, I can definitely have that and generate revenue from that. So are you. Initiate if you have any sort of content that you feel can bring revenue to you. We are always there in that case. You can connect now! 

The platform has huge potential, the scenario is changing, a more diverse and wide platform is there for every creator. Earlier it was a widespread opinion that only giants can bring the revenue out of the platform, but no, that’s not the case now. Everyone is free to act upon it, to generate profit, get more views and build a brand image. 

It is not the traditional entertainment industry where only the giants have all, although we can consider that they have got a huge share. Change is in making, many small players are making the mark with their quality content because it is the platform that requires quality, otherwise, no one is there to entertain any platform or content. Small platforms are targeting small sectors and then making an audience base to get proper utilization of the efforts. These will transform the world of OTT and make it all work in the long run. 


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