Auto Generated Video Portal using Phando

Do you have a Video Portal?

Are you a video publisher that leverages available platforms to take your content to end users? We, at Phando, as a video platform and E2E solution provider have been working with several users such as you in publishing exciting content. What next now? The video industry is growing at a rapid pace where very soon content providers will benefit from having their own channels and apps across the web and mobile ecosystems.

It is this exact solution that Phando now brings to its users, where as a video publisher you not only get your content to your audience, but are also able to create your own video channel and mobile app (both on Android and iOS) once you align your content to a large set of available categories. This is a new offering in the market today, that Phando is very excited to offer – this will soon become a need of the hour where you distinguish yourself as a content provider through your own private channel, with presence on an OTT (over the top media) as opposed to a traditional content provider and the set-top-boxes they operate with.

While this may not be an immediate need for you, we invite you to try this cool feature in creating your own video channel proactively, at hardly any cost and overhead – you will soon see the edge this is able to give you not just amongst your users, but also in the industry when it moves to the world of OTT. So, why wait – check out and get ready to own your video portal and apps instantaneously!