Building Connected Experiences with Epaper Solution

We have quarterly magazines/newsletters that we publish in our organization, often built on varied themes. Our employees love reading them and have called these out as one of the standout elements in the surveys we have done with them. On the same note, we recently published our newsletter themed on “Equality by breaking stereotypes” as part of the Women’s day celebrations in the company.

The team that owns the publishing platform Phando, in our company, got back to me asking why can’t this be published as an e-paper solution. Indeed a brilliant idea. Here we have the company’s culture shared and further being groomed with such internal newsletters. They also serve as an excellent knowledge repository and an archive of the company’s ongoing DNA.

Our format of print is also quite funky and exciting to read. Why publish these as just PDF files that one scrolls up and down with? How cool would it be to publish these as e-paper solutions, where the reader gets the feel of a real printed newsletter? Is it just this that makes e-paper solutions very exciting?

There are a lot more benefits to it – including how index-able, searchable, editable (including digital signatures), usable, e paper solutions have evolved to be, giving other digital content formats a run for their stand. There are zillions of articles online that talk about why an e-paper and how it all works.

In our experience it is not just posting stand-alone e-papers, especially when it is related to an ongoing content series like the newsletter we are talking about here. It is about an experience that is built and making that a part of a reliable publishing solution to leverage other benefits that tag along.

Such is the plan we have for our newsletter e-papers, as part of our Phando solution and hope other companies can create similar such connecting experiences as well for their employees. If you would need any help with this, Team Phando, is happy to connect and discuss more.