How can 5G improve the video streaming experience?

Technological advancements and improved networks are the core tools for providing an improved user experience to the end users. With the arrival of 5G comes a huge improvement in the viewer experience on video streaming platforms. It helps in bringing an uninterrupted streaming experience to the end users. This is all due to the ultra-fast download rates and low latency streaming and therefore providing buffer-free and uninterrupted streaming with the 5G technology.

What is 5G?

The 5G network is the fifth-generation cellular network. It has a significant pace and more capacity than 4G. It is designed to provide up to 100-time faster than the 4G network increasing the traffic capacity and increasing the efficiency of the network.

With the increase in network speed, bandwidth, and lower latency rate, 5G is transforming the user experience of every industry and can seamlessly enhance the user experience. With the increase in bandwidth, there will be less time taken the uploading and download the video. This will help in reduced latency, robust connectivity and enhanced network capacity. With the 5G rollout in the country, video streaming viewers will be able to get the full utilization of the network and get an even better experience to them.

How will 5G impact the video streaming industry?

Expectations are on the higher side with the arrival of 5G technology. The increased network capacity and reduced latency can help in bringing a smoother and more seamless experience for a more effective streaming experience to the end users. 

There are endless possibilities and with all those possibilities, there are questions too that how will it affect the streaming industry. The real scenarios will only be visible according to the time and time will be the tester. The streaming arena will get an immense transformation. No doubt, 5G will offer much internet pace than the available therefore bringing a better user experience. 

The lower latency provided by 5G will bring a less buffering streaming experience to the end users. 5G technology will play a pivotal role in increasing the download speed and lowering latency streaming bringing an experience to remember for the users.

Apart from the user and the experience that it is going to bring, 5G will substantially boost the video streaming providers in India by bringing a faster speed and lower latency in delivery. This will lead the streaming providers a chance to bring a better user experience and help in retaining customers. The amalgamation of all will catalyze new opportunities for innovations in the field. Streaming services including Netflix will get several considerable upgrades by providing smoother, faster and more reliable streaming experiences for viewers. 

5G network with its adaptability of mobile VR and AR experience in the streaming industry will boost the demand for OTT content. 5g will play a pivotal role in enabling OTT streaming whether for 4K streaming or live streaming without buffering.

Experts in the industry believe that 5G will positively impact live video streaming services while others opined that it will increase the cost of streaming. The increased cost is majorly due to the investment in the new infrastructure that can support internet speed. Yet it is quite early to conclude at this stage, the impacts will be visible with time.

Benefits of 5G for the video streaming industry over 4G Network

Reduced latency in video delivery

5G strives to provide a speed that is beyond the average human reaction time. The current latency provided under the 4G network is around 20-30 milliseconds. On the other hand, the latency provided by 5G is around 10 milliseconds. This means that video content will be able to replicate in real time to bring an impeccable user experience.

Speed to bring buffer-free experience

With the maximum speed of up to 100 Mbps that can be achieved for 4G yet in reality, it has more limitations. The latest 5G network is expected to be 100x faster than the 4G network. The 100x faster capability of the 5G networks can bring an exceptional streaming experience for the viewers without any buffering. If spread evenly in different parts of the country, the network will be the major push over the streaming world with its improved user experience.

Improved coverage for better reach of the platform

India is full of isolated places where inadequate 4G coverage is prevailing. Although the latest 5G technology is in its infant stage. If structured and distributed effectively can change the scenario of the streaming experience for the end users across the country. With its multiple implementations of different bands with their respective speed and bandwidth, 5G will let video content consumers get a more consistent and reliable streaming experience for both indoor and outdoor internet users. 

Increased Bandwidth for seamless streaming

5G has much more capacity/bandwidth that the other network available presently. More bandwidth is due to the proper utilization of the existing spectrum. The available 4G network uses a smaller portion of the available spectrum (600 MHz to 2.5 GHz). While 5G has three different bands with different speeds and frequency ranges. The increased speed and frequency of the 5G network bring a greater capacity for streaming video online.

5G network has the capacity to transform the streaming industry if implemented strategically. The network is in the infant stage yet has an immense possibility in the video streaming world. It has the capacity to stream events without any delay, has fast uploading & downloading speed and elevates the viewing experience. Apart from all the assumptions and expectations associated with 5G and its benefits for the video streaming industry. Yet there is a crucial need to get comprehensive testing of the same. It will help in bringing out the major loopholes in the networks that can be tackled using proper strategies.