Smart TV OTT App Development Services In India

Gone are the days when watching your favorite show was restricted to the smaller screens. The situation has turned itself to bring an incredible streaming experience in the comfort of your place. We are in an entertainment phase where streaming on the big screen has become the choice of all entertainment seekers. And smart TV OTT apps have brought an opportunity for viewers to stream their favorite content over bigger screens. Bringing a satisfactory viewer experience and providing them with what they want. Getting a smart TV app like Netflix or Amazon Prime has become crucial to be in the market of entertainment. Let us understand what is it, how is it essential and what are the things that are crucial for smart TV OTT app development. 

What Are The Smart TV Apps? 

Similar to the mobile operating system, smart TVs also have several provisions to install these OTT apps and watch digital content on bigger screens. This has brought a huge difference in the user’s experience since it provides top-notch digital content on a wider screen. The widespread trend of using smartphones for streaming has gone. Newer innovations in the sphere of television have brought a profound entertainment option for viewers. Bigger screens, internet connection capability, improved sound, clarity in the video, including other features have attracted viewers and made it a first choice. Why has this happened? The answer is right there in the statistics of the television market. Let us get an overview of it.

Why Smart TV OTT Apps Become Crucial?

Smart TVs have brought a change while delivering a seamless TV streaming experience. Having smart TV OTT apps can be beneficial for the platforms to gather a larger audience. It is all due to there is rapid growth seen in the market size of smart TV. According to the Counterpoint Research report, in the first quarter of this year, the smart TV segment has grown by 33% and reached its highest share of 89% in the overall television market. Research analyst at Counterpoint, Mr. Akash Jatwala said due to the rising demand for home entertainment, the smart TV market is getting huge growth prospects. He also added that viewers are striving for a better viewing experience. Here, it has become unavoidable to get the Smart TV OTT app if creators want to be a leader in the entertainment sphere.

Core Points To Remember For Smart TV OTT App Development

To get the full utility of the modern-day changed scenario, there are several prerequisites that smart TV OTT app developers should remember. The core purpose of getting a smart TV app is to walk with the changing needs of society and the evolving nature of the viewers. Several points that the smart TV app developer must remember are listed below: 

User-centric platform

The key concern of making a smart TV OTT app is to provide users with an impeccable experience. This can be done by providing a user-friendly platform that will function effortlessly. Providing a user-centric platform will help in capturing the viewers without boredom while using the platform.

Smart recommendations engine

Recommending what the users might watch reduces the churn rate. Using the recommendation engine to provide a personalized user experience keeps the users glued to the platform. This can be done using the user’s data including the browsing history, watch list, content preferences including others that majorly affect the behavior of the viewer. 

Security and privacy

Users are nowadays quite aware of and consider security as one of the needs of the OTT platforms. To bring a secure and reliable platform is required to win the trust of the end users. Without providing a secured smart TV OTT app, it is hard to keep the users stick to the platform for a long time.

Organized content segmentation

Making a smart TV OTT app has no value until it brings comfort to the users while searching for the content of their choice. Content segmentations based on the different genres, ratings, and languages might help the viewers to get what they want easily. Accurate integration and segmentation of the content make searching and surfing easy for the viewers and have a higher chance of retaining them for a long time.

Easy navigation

Bringing functionalities full of ease and comfort for the users is the key to attracting them and making the platform a success. Developing a responsive and hassle-free smart TV OTT app depends on a user-friendly interface, seamless functionality, and adaptability. This can help in keeping the viewers glued on the platform for a longer time. Complexity in using the platform can confuse users therefore easy-to-use navigation becomes a vital need for user retention.

Agile remote control capability

Remote control capability can help in bringing a seamless user experience. No one is willing to put in some extra effort while enjoying their leisure entertainment time. Keeping the process of getting the content should be kept as easy and smooth as possible. Enabling the voice input function or touch sensor integration is the ideal example to provide the best experience. 

Robust Testing

Rolling out the smart TV OTT application to the end audience requires proper testing. OTT testing has a huge part to play in order to optimize the platform and deliver mesmerizing end-user experience. Providing an exceptional user experience requires robust testing to resolve every hurdle in the performance issue.

Having a smart TV OTT app has become the need of the hour to target the modern audience. Apart from these requirements, there are a number of other concerns that smart TV OTT developers should keep in mind. It also includes an integrated media player and multi-device support to name a few. 

Developers at Phando are fully equipped with the modern technology that helps them develop agile smart TV OTT apps. Our developers make sure to develop an easy-to-use platform with an exceptional interface. This helps in bringing an extraordinary experience to the end users. To know more about the services, you can connect with us over a call or can drop us a mail at

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