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Kaltura Migration Program

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Kaltura Migration Program

If you’re using Kaltura and not 100% satisfied with the services or you want some customized services to build for your LMS/video product integration in a 40% lesser price, Phando can provide you a robust technology and better pricing with inclusive industry leading support.

Phando can provide you all the basic video platform features along with new AI based implementations.

And now, its very easy to migrate all your Kaltura media with their metadata into Phando Media Library hosted in the cloud. Phando’s Kaltura Migration Tool accepts your kaltura key and phando key as input in the migration tool and that’s it. Your migration starts in just a single click.

Once completed, our engineers verify the account and you’re ready to go live with Phando.


No. Phando provides a one line js code which will do all the magic for you if you have embedded the kaltura videos on your pages. All your Kaltura videos on your application will automatically change to Phando videos.

Note: If you’ve a done some complex, logic based integration then Phando default js code might not work and our team need to some changes in the js code.


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