Epaper: The Digital Transformation

In earlier days people were used to reading newspapers sitting at their home along with a cup of tea. But in this electronic world newspapers are replaced with e-papers. This digital transformation has changed the lives of many.

What is E-paper?

Epaper or electronic paper or paper available online is digital publishing solution to publish the print edition as an e-paper or we can say it is portable or reusable storage and display medium that resembles paper but can be repeatedly written on (refreshed) – by any electronic means – millions of times.

What is the concept?

Today in this world of technological advancement, people are fond of gadgets like smart phones and laptops so reading the news in print papers is considered outdated. There is a logical reason also that in this fast-moving world we don’t have time to take a newspaper and read but on the other hand, we are very much using mobile devices or laptops or tablets. So, it is very easy to read news on mobile devices or laptops with this e-paper concept. It also saves the cutting of trees which is used for preparing papers.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Many media houses have their own e-paper applications where users can read the daily news. This is very easy to read and folks having a passion for reading news can do it anytime while travelling while sitting in the office while eating food etc. So, it’s very convenient and effective way of reading news, also it is available for free on the internet.

Anyone with a smartphone can install this application and start using it or people having a laptop can also read news using this e-paper website.

Advertisers who want to advertise their ads in the e-paper can also get the benefits by connecting with the media houses or the e-paper service providers.

What are the features?

– It enables users to get notified whenever a new paper is live or something interesting happens in the nearby location of the user.

– It also keeps track of user interest with the help of AI-based epaper application. Users also get notified when some new features are launched in the epaper application.

– E-paper apps are available in both Android and iOS devices along with the Web. So it becomes very easy to use for the user.

– Along with that, sharing features in mobile apps is also in great demand where a user can share the news with their family and friends using different social share options.

– The user can also download the clips or complete paper for offline reading or we also have archive support in our e-paper application.

– Clippings are a very essential feature for those who just want to read the highlight of the day also for a few advertisers who want to showcase their ads.  

– E-magazines are also a great feature which is being used by many users which covers the news and many different things of the complete week, month, quarter or year.

– Push notification to the users of mobile apps.

– Multilingual support, newspapers can be in different languages.

What do we offer?

– We at Perseverance IT Solution develop e-paper application for various media houses with all the latest features.

– We provide development and maintenance support for these applications where the papers are uploaded on a daily basis. These papers may be for one city or multiple cities based on the media house reachability.

– We support Pan India coverage.

– We also provide clippings of specific topics or news covered in the newspaper.

– We also provide round the clock (24/7) support to our clients.

– We do support in monetization for the media houses. In simple words, we help media houses make money.

– We support ad management for the clients.

Just to share that currently, we have traffic of around 10 million users on our epaper-applications.

So, if you need any support related to e-paper let us discuss we will help you to go live with your newspaper.  

info@phando.com/, India: 011-408-46004