Let’s Understand what a VCMS is

We have traditionally heard “a picture speaks 1000 times better than a written message” – in today’s world this only gets further amplified with the strong presence of video content. Learning anything, anywhere, anytime is so much more feasible and effective, thanks to the online videos that are increasing in popularity, usage and quality. Would all of this have been possible if video content was stored and handled in online shares and drives? Certainly not – Video Content Management Systems (VCMS) have a sizeable share to attribute to, for the growth in video statistics in the recent years – so what really is a video content management system?

As the name suggests, a VCMS is a system that helps you store, manage and render your videos in the most effective manner both for publishers and for end consumers. With the growing complexity of the number of videos, the size of videos and differences in technologies that they are built on, a VCMS helps bring in the centralised management to the whole gamut of a video collection a publisher has. You are able to upload, transcode, tag, organize, render you videos in the most secure and responsive manner with a VCMS. In addition, the most important distinguishing feature of a VCMS is its content search-ability. In today’s world of online resources, discoverability and search- ability are very important attributes to distinguish a piece of content from another. Such features are not available with the traditional file sharing mechanisms such as sharepoint – locating the file would be possible but searching for specific information inside the file’s content becomes feasible only with a VCMS. I particularly found this blog useful on the top reasons why one needs to use a video content management system.

Video content management is an important part of the video publishing process – it can range all the way from being a sophisticated system to something simple – from commercial offerings to open source. To understand what we offer and the technicalities of our solution, please visit our home page at www.phando.com or write to us at info@phando.com

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