Video platforms should focus on targeted audience

YouTube is omnipresent – well if not literally, at least figuratively in the online world. You ask a toddler, you ask a senior citizen across the world – chances are fairly high that they would know YouTube as a video viewing and sharing platform. Google, has of course built this credibility in due course of time. But does this mean there is no room for other video sharing sites? Certainly not. There are plenty out there – if so, how are they able to manage the competition of these big players? I think one good criterion to herein chase is the target audience. Vimeo for example is a video sharing site that mainly focuses on short films, documentaries etc. So in some sense it can be called the YouTube of short films.

If you take Facebook video it largely focuses on catering to the needs of its own members. So is Twitter video. While categorization is easily possible in any video sharing site, building such a niche around target audience will go a long way in creating a distinguishing positioning for them in the long run. Specific features to meet the needs of the niche audience can also then be accommodated. This does not mean such a target audience niche is inevitable. This is a good USP to explore once the core platform is stable.

In our case for example, Phando is a publishing platform which is also a video sharing site. In our early years at this time we may not necessarily have a niche as yet, but given our domain experience in the educational space, we may for example down the line focus on specializing in sharing educational videos. This is just an example of how the target audience focus can be brought in. For example, at this time, all the webinars that we host at QA InfoTech are beginning to be shared through Phando including the most recently hosted webinar that is available here. Check out the overall quality and we will be happy to help you with your video sharing needs including customization

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