Live Video Stream Entering Personal User Space

Live video stream has stirred a huge revolution amongst the masses in the last decade. While its downsides are periodically talked about, one cannot deny the world has become smaller, people are more connected, experiences are faster shared, news reaches more people, all thanks to the world of social computing.

Social computing as a concept and engineering implementation has also continued to grow tremendously –
whether it be in user base, feature set, performance, security and privacy etc. – social computing has certainly been a key player in making the technology world more nimble and responsive to end user needs and expectations.

One such extension in recent times, is the live video streaming feature that is available through social media. Until even recently, live video streaming was restricted for more professional use such as streaming events (sports, entertainment etc.), but with recent additions such as Facebook live, YouTube live, Periscope etc. end user live streaming is just a device away. Analysts continue to believe how live video stream will dominate the social media world in the coming years with some mind boggling numbers that talk about 75% of the mobile presence to be taken over by live video by 2020 – live media is believed to be the future of social media. Over 100 million hours of video are being watched daily across the globe even as of last year – with such existing data, these predictions don’t seem very far away.

No doubt all of this is exciting – but how successful this is in promoting social good, or at-least not instigating social bad is a collective responsibility. The solution providers need to be very prudent not just about the functional and performance aspects, but highly focused on usability, accessibility and security. End users should equally be savvy about the implications of the videos they share live – security cannot be compromised for the sake of ease of use and instant video share.

live video streaming platform entering the personal space is no longer a dream. It is a reality here to stay. As players in the media world, we at Phando, are excited to see the possibilities at play and are ourselves committed to continue to enrich our offerings – Stay tuned for more and in the meantime, feel free to ping us for a demo or any questions you may have.

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