Possibilities with enterprise video solutions

The endless Possibilities with enterprise video solutions

When we think of enterprise video solutions or video streaming we often only think about using the platform in areas such as entertainment including let’s say a game being live streamed for the employees of an organization, mass communication, remote streaming of town hall meetings etc. In our organization for example, all our quarterly organization wide review meetings are streamed live so our employees from remote offices can also join in.

Phando, our enterprise video solution, is what we have been using for this lately and it works like a charm both on mobile and non-mobile devices. While these are all very practical and useful areas of application for a video solution, its usage really has endless possibilities, both within and outside the organization.

This holds true regardless of whether you are a product company, services company, a large player, a start-up, a B2C or a B2B solution provider – all that is really needed is creativity in terms of how to use the solution and what kind of content to create and render. This could include targeted tutorials for clients, specific instruction videos, videos to share previews of what’s next, videos to get customer feedback, sometimes videos to even get them to test the product and provide beta feedback in real time.

It may sound like more content is being curated and generated through this process, but really it helps in multiple ways – staying connected with end users and employees in a dynamic and real time manner, understanding their experiences and really aligning the product with their needs live, leveraging feedback for future product enhancements amongst others. A usability study firm may charge a lot of money to get you the same feedback, but when you can do this yourself with your own enterprise video solution combining it with your knowledge of the product, the outcomes are priceless. Organizations are gradually beginning to realize the potential of such a strong enterprise video solution with powerful analytics and how the combination can make all the difference in a product gaining exceptional acceptance in the market. Such analysis also opens a lot more avenues for the internal employees to branch into newer areas of work including customer connect programs.

Phando as a full-fledged enterprise video platform is engineered to bring in such added advantage for users. We also strive to continue working on the platform to make it more nimble and rich in enabling it provide a seamless experience in conjunction with data analytics. So, here’s to endless possibilities that today’s enterprise video solutions can bring in and we are very excited about the role Phando would play in this landscape.

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