Must-Have Features In An Android TV OTT App

OTT video streaming platforms are an ideal solution for entertainment for the modern audience. It helps in delivering online video content to different devices using the internet. The most known and famous examples of OTT platforms include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and so on. The contents of these platforms are not only available on smartphones (iOS and Android) rather is also available on Smart TVs. To garner a larger audience base, it becomes inevitable to have the accessibility of the platform on different devices, especially on Smart TVs since users are getting more traction of that these days. Having a native app for different devices will help in gathering audiences from everywhere. Netflix is one of the companies that provide its offerings for users of different devices.

What is an OTT Apps? 

OTT or over-the-top app helps in delivering content over the internet. Presently, there are different types of OTT apps available that include audio, video, and communication OTT apps, among others. The usage of these apps got a huge push with numerous factors such as Covid-19, increased internet penetration, and decreased price of various devices to name a few. Many of the users shifted to these modern streaming platforms due to the availability of fresh and authentic content. Apart from the major players in the video streaming arena, there are also many regional players coming to the sphere to entertain and monetize their work online.

With time, changing needs, and technological developments, the demand for Smart TV apps is gaining popularity. These are the television sets that have integrated internet and other interactive features. Why this change has taken place? Let’s understand this further. 

Traditional TVs to Smart TVs

The traditional medium of entertainment is taken over by the modern medium. The latest Smart TVs are getting more traction in modern society due the technological developments and their enhanced user experience. According to recent research by Counterpoint research, it has been found that the contribution of Smart TV in overall TV shipments to India has reached its highest i.e. 90%. This data shows how the demand for Smart TVs is increasing. These television sets have web and internet functionalities integrated that help the users to browse and stream over these television sets.

These television sets are perhaps the best way to watch premium content and get a superior experience. This has made smart TV OTT apps a requirement for entertainers to entertain and increase their audience base. These smart devices are capable of browsing and have other functions including voice search that makes the user experience seamless. These television sets are different operating systems which include iOS, Android, and WebOS to name a few. The market share of the Android TV sets. Hence building an Android TV OTT app is the way to get a larger user base, increase market value and bring better monetization as well. 

Features To Have In An Android TV OTT App

To give the audience the satisfaction of watching premium content, there are a number of features that has to be there in the Android TV OTT app. The core purpose of having all these features is to bring the utmost satisfaction to the users. Some of the main features are listed below: 

  • Having a “search bar” is quite crucial to give the viewers the ease of watching the content of their choice. This will enable users to search and get the content. It will not put them into an endless trap of scrolling through the thousands of content.
  • An “Add to Favorite” section. Having a section of favorites will bring a short list of the liked content in one place. This will bring a hassle-free streaming experience to the users and provide a personalized watching experience to the viewers. 
  • Having a “watch history” list. This will help the users to get content that they have watched or discontinued earlier. You can continue watching the content from wherever you want which in turn brings user satisfaction at last. 
  • The “watch offline” allows users to let them download content using the internet or Wi-Fi and watch them later without the need for the internet.

Apart from all these, these OTT apps also include features such as in-app purchases and digital right protection among others.

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