Numbers Surrounding The Live Video Content

Technology always amazes the population with its everlasting potential. It is all due to the developments coming in the technology, live video content has become easier and stronger than before. It is now no longer a thing to get amazed with. Past years have shown huge potential in the sphere and there is more development coming the way. Here the leading platforms are accumulating around 8.2 billion hours of content in the third quarter of last year.

At the same time, if we talk about the entertainment sector, it has brought opportunities for the performers even during the pandemic. These are content typically available on the internet. It is a little different from the content that is recorded beforehand since these are real-time streaming. 

Live Video Content Delivery And Its Use Cases

Live content streaming content is not a novelty now; past years have highlighted the potential of these video streaming platforms. In the entertainment sector, the popularity of live streaming is all linked with the gaming world. The platforms have not only got popularity with the streaming of sports but are also promoted in other virtual events as well.

The possibility to broadcast live concerts over the internet has enabled performers to perform even during the global pandemic. This has made it clear that streaming has a bright future since it can be used and utilized in various sectors of the business. These sectors include live video conferencing, business events, concert organization, learning, and the healthcare sector as well. Above all these are flexible, reliable, and every time accessible platforms to reach out to the targeted audience.  

Statistics About Live Streaming Services

Experts from the streaming industry predict that live video content will make a major portion of the growth of video streaming in the future. This can all be considered certain since the growth and the pace of the growth show the same. Live breaking news, sports, and major live events have increased the audience in India and throughout the world. Every sphere is trying their hands in the streaming area where they are getting popularity if they are going with the right strategy for their development. Some of the major numbers that show the growth of live streaming are listed below: 

  • According to Livestream, 80% of online consumers prefer watching a live video over reading content online.
  • According to reports by Statista, 63% of millennials regularly watch live streaming content and are the largest group of consumers of modern live content. Apart from the viewership, they are also the most prominent creators of those live videos. 
  • According to reposts by Conviva, live video content earns 27% more minutes of watch time. It takes nearly 6 more minutes when to compare live video and video on demand.
  • As per data provided by Facebook, the daily watch time has grown four folds for Facebook Live broadcasts over a year.
  • According to Livestream, 67% of viewers opine that video quality is the most crucial factor when watching a live stream.

Statistics show how the demand is increasing and at the same time how various sectors are exploring opportunities to get into the streaming business.

In all, the numbers are going in favor of streaming services since people are more inclined to video-based content. There is great potential in the sphere that can bring profits to the live streaming business world. The growth will be mesmerizing shortly since technology is making its mark and will surely create a difference in the future. All the developments in the technology and the versatility of the content available on live streaming will surely attract more viewers on its way.