5G Network And The Future Of Live Streaming

Ever-growing technology is making all the difference in connecting people from place to place. There is a change in technology every coming year. The world of technology was a lot different in times of 1G and is a lot improved with 5G. These networks have matured over the decades from the speed perspective. The first generation of networks has become obsolete now. 5G is the latest in the market that has been making things much more accessible with minimal latency. In this swiftly moving world, videos are the most preferred choice for people rather than reading content online. 5G network has plenty of offerings, especially in the live streaming arena. This modern technology is here to present opportunities to bring a next-level live and video streaming experience. 5G is designed to bring landline speed to the cellphones. It provides high capacity and low latency while delivering the content. This in many senses is a changer in itself. 

With the world embracing 5G networks, live streaming will grow by leaps and bounds. With minimum latency, next-gen connectivity capabilities, and highly reduced lags, it is changing the way for both the creators and consumers. 

Live Streaming And 5G Network

According to the data provided by Verizon, during the lockdown period, video streaming traffic has gone up by 26%. Currently, everyone around the world is accessing video streaming to get informed, entertained, and stay up to date with the device of their choice, be it the smartphone, laptop, personal desktop, or smart TV. 5G has given a boost to the video streaming platform, especially the live streaming platforms. With the ability to boost the streaming with a 10X reduction in latency, higher bandwidth, and 20X faster speed, it is the game-changer. In short, this network is helping us to get a smoother and quicker in delivering the video content to the end-users. Whital, a 5G video streaming is also cost-efficient to the users. According to reports by Statista, video streaming particularly the SVoD segment, users are expected to amount to 117.0 million by 2026. The live streaming sphere itself is expected to be worth $184.27 billion by 2027. 5G is among the major reason for this growth. This is just the iceberg of the whole 5G revolution. It is the growth highlight of the 21st century but there is a lot to have in the coming decades.  

The Future Of Live Streaming 

5G networks can take the streaming experience to next level. With the 5G network, there is a possibility to augment the live streaming experience via VR (virtual reality) technology. This will bring an immersive experience to the real-time viewer across the world. It is not only beneficial in making the gaming experience exceptional but also can be used to ensure safety via real-time surveillance for the citizens. Apart from this, the huge benefit of 5G is its ability to be used in the medical field through live video streaming. 

Above all, technological advancements are enhancing the experience for the end-users. The amalgamation of 5G networks and live streaming is going to alter the hurdles like time and distance in the coming future. It has changed the landscape of video streaming services. There will be a lot to come and to see shortly that will form video streaming the first choice to overcome the hurdle of time and distance.