Online Video Streaming – The Rosy and not so Rosy Sides

Online Video Streaming is booming – whether it be live streaming or video on demand, the evolution of internet, smart devices, easy access to data – all together have given the video world an unprecedented facelift. Television subscriptions are facing the brunt of all of this. People have gotten used to anytime, anywhere video content that is becoming increasingly sophisticated by the day – whether it be in terms of global events that are supported for rendering, the reach across a range of devices, deals that are tough to resist, technology that powers the content delivery and so on. Here again, even if I were to miss the rendering in real time, video on demand / pay per video options are plenty to choose from.

This is also an area where amateur content providers, are able to build a monetization strategy around. For instance, I could record a video that would interest a large audience, make it available through a range of platforms (including ones such as Phando). I herein need not be a professional full time content provider, but still leverage the compelling videos I have with the audience to be paid per video view.

While all of these new avenues in the world of online video streaming platform are promising, is it all a rosy picture? Not really. Online video streaming – both live and on demand, more so with live, have their own issues – especially around handling peak loads, compatibility across devices and screen resolutions, handling customer support etc. Studies suggest that users pour in to register for an event just a few minutes before start time, that unless the platform accounts for such contingencies in advance, it will be very chaotic to handle. Similarly, if the rendering experience is not seamless across devices and if delays are noticeable, the user will complain – and today, the complaints spread very fast on social media.

As a platform provider, while one builds on the strengths of this discipline and leverages the surging wave today, it is important to factor in and mitigate all of these challenges in the solution you build. Phando, is one such platform that we have thought through and tested adequately for not just the happy path scenarios but also such time critical and challenging scenarios around performance, security, payments, compatibility and integrations. We will be happy to discuss these with you – at the end of the day, we strongly believe in a WIN:WIN for both content providers and end users – a happy unison between these two entities, means an implied WIN for Phando as well.

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