Video marketing suites creating new waves in the marketing

Videos play a very prominent role in the digital world. Whatever be the discipline you may be working in – healthcare, banking, finance, education, arts etc. videos have become inevitable in connecting with the audience very effectively and instantaneously. The video industry is now specifically gearing up to help individual functions such as sales, design, marketing etc. Video marketing suites here are a great example of how specifically functional requirements are being addressed. A number of players are building these suites to meet the needs of the marketing group. This includes functions such as core video creation, publishing and management, video sharing on social applications, analytics to understand video generated data, integration with traditional marketing tools to consolidate and derive actionable outcomes and being able to reach to a global audience.

If you are fairly proficient with core video functions, you can potentially put pieces together to bring in your own marketing suite functionality with a video publishing platform. It is certainly not not-doable. However, the ease of leveraging a suite with high intelligence analytics and the latest tools that help you integrate your existing marketing repositories with the output of this new suite, is valuable and cannot be ignored. Video marketing predictions are very promising. Every organization will invest in this sooner or later. Its reach will touch organizations, employees and end users at an increasing level, making it important for companies to use suites which will empower them better succeed in their marketing goals. These will be customizable suites that are built to best suit the needs of an organization’s marketing charter and individual requirements.

Have you explored the option of leveraging a video marketing suite for your needs? If not, try one now and see the difference for yourself. If you would like to understand how Phando can specially help you here, please write to us at

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