Phando Offers End-to-End Solution For Your OTT Needs

Currently, the OTT marketplace is buzzing with action. With about 40 players and many more in the pipeline, we are eyeing soon-to-be-populated space. Thus, the one who achieves faster-to-market solutions is the most likely to enjoy the crowning glory. OTT platform development needs, therefore, can be best met when an end-to-end solution is around. 

Phando is a delivery-oriented OTT specialist that has the most promising services suite.  Its end-to-end approach can ease and quicken the content development and broadcasting process for aspiring leaders of OTT platforms in India.

Opportunities for OTT Newcomers

According to Magnet Global’s OTT Trend Analysis Report, 70% of consumers have access to only one OTT platform. Newcomers can fill the gap by tapping the remaining 30% who are open-minded and flexible in their OTT choices. 

Subscription video on demand (SVOD) is slowly drifting towards original content to explore budget opportunities. They want a substitute for costly TV channel partnerships or tie-ups with reputed production houses.

According to Brand Equity, the pandemic compelled production houses to have Rs. 3,000 crores allotted for original content creation for OTT platforms in India. So, all newcomers can expect ease of funding for 2021-2022 projects. 

As per IBEF reports, the on-demand video subscribers base will swell up to 500+ million by FY2023. Thus, OTT owners can fit in perfectly in this rising demand scenario.

Why You Need an End-to-End Solution for OTT Development

Phando is perfectly carved to provide start-to-finish support for developing newer OTT platforms in India. Equipped with the latest and well-coordinated technologies, this content creation and launching expert can help newcomers achieve a breakthrough in the OTT space. 

Phando offers a superlatively effortless and less time-consuming way of creating content and reaching the audience owing to the following features:

1. All Development Supports at One Place

At Phando, you can find the OTT business-centric development solutions aimed at seamless deployment, hosting, and managing the IT infrastructure. This full-fledged development module helps the makers achieve a features-enriched VoD platform. You can find it here:

      • Video CMS

Visualize how you want your content to look on various devices and tweak features in fully custom CMS accordingly. The Video CMS offers you complete control over your creations via an intuitive dashboard.

      • HTML5 Based Online Video Player

Be available online for entertainment seekers with the best playback tool. Assured compatibility with all browsers and bandwidths is a plus.

It is further populated with video monetization support. You can make responsive video content and monetize it by partnering with businesses who want explainer videos or other consumables on their website or application.

As an independent entertainment provider, you can leverage these robust technologies’ strengths to launch newer OTT platforms in India. It can help you become the right answer to the increasing need for native or vernacular content among OTT consumers.

      • Customer engagement solutions

With AI at its core, Phando’s engagement solutions can help viewers stay curious about upcoming films or web series. Serve them previews strategically, as suggested by Video Analytics and Insights, and earn yourself a loyal viewer base.

      • Transcoders

Come with the videos or movies in any format to Phando, and it will help it make internet-ready by using transcoders. These format conversion solutions allow creators to run their content on HTML5 or Flash players seamlessly.

The transcoders allow batch conversions. Thus, you can get the bunch of files converted in a short period. Also, transcoding involves conversion into different bitrates. It provides users with the flexibility to view content as per the bandwidth availability.

2. Cost-effective Plans Available

Phando has a customized subscription model. You can pick the features you need from its technology and tools’ ala carte and get a custom payment plan designed for yourself. Hence, you can save tremendously on the technology acquisition cost. The plans include CMS, content uploading support, templates, unlimited concurrent users, unlimited transcoding, free bandwidth up to certain TBs, Storage and Hosting support, etc.

Services available for creating your technology pool to help you develop OTT platforms in India are:

      • Live Streaming
      • Video Analytics
      • Video Syndication, Search-ability, and Distribution
      • Video Hosting
      • Video Publishing and Streaming
      • Video Management
      • Video Player and Delivery
      • Video Transcoding
      • Video Upload and Ingestion

3. Integration and Streamlining of Processes Become Easier

With a complete OTT development solution in hand, you need not devote extra time to technology research, design, and implementation. The complete support reduces the process of OTT development into a pick-and-implement one. Automated processes comprising sequentially streamlined steps allow you to input, sit back and relax, and enjoy the output. In short, you can concentrate better on quality content creation and leave the delivery or launch process to a tech specialist.

Phando Offers a Readymade Launch Pad for the Upcoming Content Creators

You can find Phando with you at the last leg of the OTT development process too. Once the content is ready, you need to market it. Before development, you do market research and understand customer content consumption behavior; still, a lot remains to do post-production. 

In the launch phase, the task is to convince and inform the customers about the availability of content that matches their preferences. Phando, with its robust and detailed analytics support, allows you to adopt a profit-driven launch process.

You can enter the league of the most-watched, big OTT platforms in India by leveraging Phando’s launching support services, that comprise:

      • Content Marketing: Phando’s dedicated and aggressive content marketing team allows you to penetrate both local and global markets. They identify the gap for you and guide you on how to fit into the scene.
      • Video Monetization: Make all your creations your profit centers. The video monetization support can help you sign profitable ads serving deals.
      • Digital Rights: All content developed with Phando is covered with digital rights. The creators enjoy ownership of their content in an entirely dispute-free manner. Also, they enjoy the freedom to choose platforms and time to launch their movies or series.
      • Localization Support: You can include features like multi-language, multi-currency supports. The features like subtitles or audio in preferred languages, and payment support in the chosen currency, allow the OTT to behave just like a local business. 

Asia Pacific is all set to surpass North America in being the biggest consumer of OTT services. The time is ripe, and technologies readily available. It just takes little research to find which OTT specialist can help you the best. Phando can support you throughout the development-to-launch schedule, and beyond too. So, dream big, and Phando can help you make it bigger!


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