Phando Widens Global Reach With Multiple Geolocation Support

An entertainment-focused business adopts a global outlook by serving its customers, keeping their cultural sensibilities in mind. OTT platforms need to be more sensitive to their customer needs since they reach viewers through the online medium, which is omnipresent. 

If an OTT platform can switch its style of content depending on the region where it is accessible, it can offer custom content that meets the cultural preferences of the customers within that specific geographical region. 

Today, Phando has managed to achieve a global viewership for its OTT platform with the introduction of multiple geolocation support.

Advantages of Using Multiple Geolocation Support

Let’s take a common question into account, ‘why does Netflix content offer unique content in the US and the UK?’ The answer to this is indicated in the purpose of multiple geolocation support – delivering content as per the audience’s expectations.

After all, OTT is designed to deliver entertainment and most of the time, what appeals to an Indian audience may not be of much relevance or preference to the US audience, and vice versa. 

Thus, designing and delivering content as per the user expectations is the first point of convenience multiple geolocation support offers. Other advantages include:

1. Ease of Selling Movies at Different Price Tags

The cost of production of movies is different across the globe. If a regular Indian film is made at just 3-4 crores, there are Hollywood flicks such as Avatar, Fast & Furious franchise et al. that have been made at whooping budgets of hundreds of crores. 

Phando, with its geolocation support, offers the producers/filmmakers an opportunity to sell movies or other video content at an appropriate selling price. Phando is a pay-as-you-go platform.

With the multiple geolocation feature, it helps makers leverage the advantage of value differences in currencies. It means that it allows selling the movies as per the market value prevalent in any particular location.

2. Movie Release As Per Region

All geographical locations display demand for entertainment at different times. For example, Indian audiences show increased viewership for movies during the festive seasons. School holidays are another time when family entertainers and children-oriented films are in huge demand.

Since festive seasons and school holidays occur at different times across the globe, the makers have to be ready with the content as per the rise in demand during these times in various parts of the world. 

Movie-makers can leverage the multiple geolocation features of Phando to be ‘available’ when there is a demand for them.

3. Location-Specification Content Delivery

Filmmakers or video distribution services can use Phando to release their latest flicks exclusively in a given geographical location, say in the US or India or, for that matter, in any other location globally. 

Filmmakers offering content with a global appeal can select an international release for their movie with the multiple geolocation feature.

Phando is one of the leading OTT platforms in India that gives equal opportunity to regional cinema to reach out to a wider and diverse audience. The regional movies in different vernacular languages don’t suffer the dearth of an audience as features like subtitles, audio in different languages, etc. help dissolve the language barriers.

Geolocation feature helps sort the content in a language-based manner and saves the audience’s time in searching for content of their preference on the OTT platform.

4. Pay or Buy in Multiple Currencies

Filmmakers can offer consumers a seamless way of paying for movies with multiple currency support. This feature allows selecting the currency with respect to the given location. Thus, the users are saved from the hassles of currency conversion to access the movies. 

On one hand, the multiple geolocation feature makes online streaming and content consumption a convenient affair for the audience. On the other hand, it saves filmmakers from the risk of facing penalties, arising due to breach of terms and conditions.

According to the geographical locations’ viewing guidelines, the movies are also rated for age-appropriateness, and they adhere to legal rules. Thus, Phando, with its geolocation feature, creates a win-win situation for both the filmmakers and audiences.

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