What Makes PhunFlix Stand Out in the OTT Race?

OTT or over-the-top has managed to deliver the finest quality entertainment options to viewers. It is slowly taking over the paid TV business. About 70% of the users have expressed displeasure over the paid TV’s inability to meet their expectations. Lack of novelty, quality content and restriction to the broadcasting schedule are some of the loopholes that OTT players have taken advantage of. 

According to the IBEF report on the rise of OTT, the number of paid OTT subscribers in India has increased by 30%. Currently, about 40 OTT platforms are operational in the country.

With the appreciable proliferation in OTT space, the service providers are contemplating the specialization to stay unique. In many cases, they have achieved this objective too. One of the survival strategies has been that of serving the regional audience. This strategy is the perfect answer to the growing demand for regional content. 

Recently, ‘Sainaplay,’ an OTT app, has been launched. It provides around 200 Malayali movies to view on all types of mobile gadgets and connected TVs. Further, South Indian OTT and Bangla OTT’s popularity also indicates the favorable conditions created for regional content providers.

Considering all these facts, one can safely discern that both global and local moviemakers have got a haven in OTT.  If you are a regional content creator and searching for an OTT platform where you can release vernacular content, we have got you covered!

Phunflix is an innovative OTT platform that invites movie and ad makers to produce and launch their creations by helping them with technical and content delivery expertise.

What Makes Phunflx a Promising OTT Provider?

At Phunflix, viewers can find exceptional quality videos, regionally and globally relevant movies, and other AV content available to watch at a paltry sum. Unlike other OTT platforms, you need not invest in hefty subscription fees, which usually turns out to be a waste of money as the content released during the subscription period may not necessarily be of your liking. With an entirely pay-as-you-watch subscription model, Phunflix saves you a lot of money every month.

Multiple Geolocation Support

Phunflix is an OTT platform enriched with user-friendly functionalities. It provides multiple geolocation support that allows the users to select the language of their choice. They can watch movies in their preferred language here.

Multiple geolocation support allows selecting the currency of choice as well. The users can pay for the movie in their native currency. Thus, they need not go through the hassles of currency conversion. Secondly, they can choose to pay for international releases as per the market rates prevailing in their native country.

Further, the viewers can find here myriad options to entertain themselves. With an unending collection of movies, web series, docuseries, and short films to watch, your repertoire of entertainment will never dry up.  A unique part is that the content in a regional language is available in high-definition formats and accessible in all prevalent devices.

Technologically Innovative Solutions for Filmmakers

According to a KPMG report, the Indian language internet users will be 2.5 times more than English content consumers in 2021. Thus, there is a huge demand ready to be filled in the vernacular content segment by the filmmakers.

Phunflix is fully equipped with all tools and development solutions that can give technical support for the content creators to reach the audiences seamlessly. With solutions like transcoders, video upload and ingestion, video player and delivery, and many more, it proves to be a one-stop content creation and delivery solution for filmmakers who want to leverage the strength of OTT.

While the users get to enjoy content (movies, videos, ads, short movies, etc.) specifically designed for their region or territory; at the same time, the filmmakers have the advantage of releasing movies as per local viewers’ demands. Further, they can and price the movies according to targeted territories too.

An increase in demand reflected by increasing viewership of vernacular content emphasizes the use of OTT as it offers a cost-effective solution for regional cinema that works on a limited budget. With Phunflix empowered development and marketing tools and encouraging viewership figures, the makers of territory-specific entertainment and promotional consumables can dream big, and enjoy better deals.

Phunflix is the right thing that happened at the right time to both OTT content producers and viewers. It is equipped with time-relevant tools needed by the filmmakers to leverage the OTT strengths. The viewers, too, can enjoy a truly on-demand way of accessing the entertainment consumables. These advantages affirm its position as an accomplished OTT provider, which is unique, responsive to customer needs, and understandably, the most promising in the segment.